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  1. I'd really love a Game Dungeon about the game "Army Men". Its kinda faded into obscurity over the years, but it was recently on sale on the gog site.
  2. Health Potions. Every game that has instant health replenishing consumables turns into a button mashing contest that renders the health bar into a meaningless little thing. I'd much rather have higher health, be more careful about damage, and replenish my health after battles.
  3. Reading some of the comments here is giving me ideas for an RPG i've been thinking of. Basically most of humanity is extinct and civilization has started to regress into the Dark Ages. The cause of what killed most of the population isnt clear, but the world has become engulfed in a sort of darkness, which is dangerous to traverse and limits communication between settlements. There are things skulking in this darkness, preying on the last remnants of humanity. The game would revolve around travelling to these settlements and organizing expeditions into the abandoned places of the earth in hopes of finding supplies an clues into whatever happened to the world. There also would be bit of magic and realm-travelling involved.
  4. Nothing. If you could participate in a Smash TV like game show for the chance to win a box that could contain literally anything in the universe (but the properties of the thing in the box only manifest themselves when you open it)
  5. That Trash Fairies concept for a game sounds absolutely hilarious. I had an awesome idea for a game in the tip of my fingers but i just forgot it since im short on time. Oh well. I'll try to remember it later.
  6. "Space parties are the best kind of parties"
  7. Im slowly becoming addicted to forum games. Last game played: Crypt of the Necrodancer. Crypt of the Necrodancer + Cities: Skylines = Cities of the Necrodancer A game where you build giant city-like dungeons and then you try to dance your way through them.
  8. WAAAGH!!! Not taking into account that it could be a dissapoinment, or not, that cinematic is really cool. It would be awesome if they made a Warhammer 40k movie that looked like that.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassava_production_in_the_Republic_of_the_Congo The Cassava plant is the main food source of the Congo. It is the main crop harvested everywhere in the country except the south, where the main crop is bananas. The Cassava also has an important place in the country's folklore, with the popular song "The Congolese love Cassava". The leaf can be proccessed into flour, paste, or it can be eaten raw as a substitute for vegetables such as spinach and turnip.
  10. You mean an endless supply of booze, right? There are a LOT of uses for it besides just getting drunk. Yeah but getting drunk is the important one. Chill out, this thread is just to have fun.
  11. I have a question. If a person who wants to join the server lives far away from the US, will they still be able to play, or will the lag be too much to handle. Also how viable would it be to have the fans divided into the three factions for anyone who wants to fight against the main group? I'm very dissapointed that NC doesn't have Miniguns.
  12. +1 You mean an endless supply of booze, right? 1.Primary Weapon: A Double-Barreled Shotgun, the worst enemy of the undead. 2.Secondary Weapon:A Mac-10. Or my fists. 3.Stronghold: A gas station. If i get bored i can blow it up. But id rather not stay in one place. 4.Vehicle: A firetruck. I live near a fire station and its both practical and big enough to push other cars aside. I'd have to put spikes and plates of metal on the front though. 5.Outfit: Something thick so that zombies can't bite past it, made of leather. 6.Companion:Whoever wants to join me. 7.Battle Music: Your War by Living Sacrifice. 8.Three Extra Supplies: Some books, Camping equipment, and a boxful of tobacco. I dont smoke, but i figure it would be useful for trading.
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