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  1. K4_Kydure

    Games You've Finished Recently

    Dying Light. Frustrating mechanics, idiotic side quests, and a QTE final boss as if it was 2007, fairly mediocre overall.
  2. K4_Kydure

    Last Game You Played

    Farming Simulator 2012. AKA, Warframe.
  3. K4_Kydure

    Discord Group

    One for me.
  4. K4_Kydure

    What are you listening to?

  5. K4_Kydure

    Fallout New Orleans filed for trademark

    Given that Bethesda completely butchered the lore and game mechanics with Fallout 4, that NV wasn't included in the Fallout Bundle at the time of Fallout 4's release, that Obsidian was given less than a year to make NV, that they were screwed out of their bonus by one point, and despite that it still scored the same as Fallout 3 on metacritic gives me the vibe that the CEO of Zenimax isn't too fond of them.
  6. K4_Kydure

    Fallout New Orleans filed for trademark

    Given the grudge that either Zenimax or Bethesda is holding against Obsidian I would be genuinely surprised if they let them make another Fallout game.
  7. K4_Kydure

    Foreign Languages Thread :D

  8. K4_Kydure

    Words That Sound Verbally Horrible

    Nordic languages.
  9. K4_Kydure

    Last Game You Played

    EVE Online, the corp I was a part of got their carrier awoxed by our own alliance so I was told to bail back into high security space before shit hit the fan. On the way back I got smart bombed at a gate camp, saved me the trip at least.
  10. K4_Kydure

    Mechanics in games that should just die.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia does this is exactly as well. If you're into turn based JRPGs with visual novel like character interactions then I recommend it.
  11. K4_Kydure

    Mechanics in games that should just die.

    It does not.
  12. K4_Kydure

    Mechanics in games that should just die.

    Nice hypocritical and condescending attitude. It's best not to try and pull the sentence comprehension card on someone only to show you can't do it yourself. You specifically said "action games" and not "the action in games". This generally implies games that focus solely on the action, like Metal Gear Rising. Dishonored, among many others, is a stealth game that focuses on the avoidance of action. This is what I meant by instant gratification and hand holding. Those "boring in-between sequences" allow you talk to the various characters in order to learn more about them and even the heart can warn you about future events in the story depending on who you point it at. However you rather not have that lull in the "action" of a game whose core game play exists of waiting. You would much prefer it if the game didn't have it at all only to throw you into the next "action" scene because fleshing out characters is boring to you, because you can't be arsed to move to the next scene or talk to and learn about the characters yourself, you want the game to do it for you. If that's what you want in video games, then try playing Alien Shooter, Crimson Land, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Metal Gear Rising, Neir, F.E.A.R., ect... Literally any action focused game would better suit you than stealth games or RPGs.
  13. K4_Kydure

    Mechanics in games that should just die.

    The problem you seem to have is instant gratification and hand holding, or rather a lack there of. It makes me wonder why you're even playing stealth games where the point is to avoid action.
  14. K4_Kydure

    Mechanics in games that should just die.

    Yes, I can skip it. So, I get content that I shouldn't really be doing because it is boring (by design). And I have option to skip it. And this is how games should be made these days, that's fun! And I totally should not complain that game designers won't do that instead: You are not making your point clear. All I'm getting from you is that you're complaining about content that you don't like can be skipped and ignored. In the end it's your lost for not getting the extra money and runes around Hounds Pits that would be helpful later on.
  15. K4_Kydure

    What are you listening to?


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