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  1. Just bought Stellaris along with the Plantoid and Fungoid expansion. It's really really fun.
  2. Thing is, this is a major complaint of a lot of exploration survival games. Forest and Subnautica have it too in which eventually you're full of supplies and gear to the point...there is no real survival feeling anymore. You built your base, you built a ton of stuff that makes your base self-sufficient and you're essentially done with the survival portion. It's really sad because survival games are one of my favorite modern genres it's just, no one is doing anything unique in them and they all just feel...the same, really. Only reason I even bother with Subnautica is because it being underwater is unique enough whereas NMS you have space travel and planets that just look same old same old after awhile with weird and derpy looking animals.
  3. I'm honestly surprised unskippable cutscenes are still a thing, you'd think that would've phased out.
  4. Realistic character design. No uncanny valley, no perfect looking character that look like super models but live in a medieval themed universe.
  5. Uh what. New Vegas was always part of the Fallout bundle on Steam. If you're talking about the bundle of 1, 2 and Tactics that bundle is also lacking Fallout 3. Bethesda is not "butchering the lore" nor did they Butcher the mechanics in Fallout 4. Fallout 3 had a higher metacritic score then New Vegas. Also it doesn't matter what the board of Zenimax think, Bethesda has full autonomy in what they do.
  6. I don't recall Zenimax or Bethesda ever holding a grudge against Obsidian. Was there something going on behind the scenes or did you noticed something hinting at some sort of grudge? I'm genuinely curious now. As far as I know that's something fans came up with since Bethesda never really mentioned anything about New Vegas in Fallout 4 that meant there is some kind of 'grudge' or something. Just something fans make up to claim Bethesda is jealous of New Vegas despite lacking any real evidence to prove that.
  7. The trademark was filed this year as for it being a spoof the EUIPO requires people to spend like 850 euros in order to trademark something. The interview I posted was to show Obsidian has thought about doing another Fallout game and specifically stated thinking of doing New Orleans.
  8. I miss a lot of features from Tropico 4 and the large list of buildings, but I like the new trading interface, the heir system and the removal of the really awful stereotypical characters and awful jokes that came with.
  9. Recently got back into playing skyrim after a clean install and downloading of 210+ mods some of which were in the GBs. That was a 'fun' day
  10. So this just recently popped up but Fallout: New Orleans was filed for trademark in the EU a few months ago and a few people have found it. It's also no surprise that Obsidian has talked about doing another Fallout game like New Vegas and that they have been interested in New Orleans for some time. So thoughts and speculations? Source of trademark: https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/015737133 Josh Sawyer talking about doing another Fallout game: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/24/obsidian-mulls-over-new-fallout-locations-and-neverwinter-return
  11. I kinda like him but my viewing of his stuff has just amounted to just his new vegas and fallout 4 mod reviews.
  12. Not really 'completed' but I finished my goal for a Tropico 5 map I was doing by turning it into an industry and agricultural power and into a giant metropolis that is neutral to every super power in the world.
  13. All achievements are is for companies to see how far someone will go to get something and to track progress. I have no clue why they would want to but it's the only real reason and people in the industry confirm this iirc. Honestly, I just think it's most companies going with the flow of something that became popular but I feel like a lot of people are just not caring about this feature anymore and we might potentially see it's death. That being said if the achievements did give in-game bonuses like stat boosts or new perks or something I would like the feature a lot more but besides bragging rights I don't feel compelled to actually do anything to get the achievements.
  14. Dead Walkers were actually an idea I came up with from watching the Walking Dead's idea of covering yourself in zombie guts will hide people from the zombies. Something I'm amazed they barely touch on.
  15. 22) Fungi People, these people are much like Harold but instead of a tree they have FEV-mutated fungi growing on them and they made a symbiotic relationship with them. Overall they're still like humans so not all of them will be hostile 23) Dead Walkers, a tribe of humans stuck in an area where they're surrounded by feral ghouls. They will tan and hide the feral skins and wear them as a way to sneak past ferals. Regular ghouls are suspicious of them but the tribe only goes after ferals as they're rather peaceful given that the ferals also act as a shield from the outside world for them, well, of course if the outsiders stay away from the sacred areas of their area. They live in a town the size of concord with a large museum in the center that acts as their home and temple for a pantheon of shadow-covered gods. 24) Neo-Reavers, a tech-obsessed cult that broke off from the Reaver cult in the mid-west due to the Mid-western BoS. This group has become more tech-obsessed and violent with a "trust no one but your fellow cultist" they attack any group with technology they want, which is everything from advanced technology to a simple calculator.
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