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  1. Ansel Krut, Whistling Winnie (2002)
  2. My employers and coworkers are indefensibly incompetent, and as a result the former group are resorting to shamelessly desperate moves that reek of procrastination and shortsightedness in order to try and get me to do yet more overtime. Despite having worked sixteen days solid without a single day off, my section leader wanted to me go in an do a shift today and tomorrow - Tuesdays and Wednesdays are effectively my "weekend" if that makes any sense, and I'm rather happy with that arrangement. I offered to do so long as I could have Thursday and Friday off instead, which I thought was reasonable given the amount of extra hours I've done for over two weeks now. Unfortunately, because he and several other managers have been bugging me for the last month or so to come in and do YET MORE OVERTIME during some holiday I have scheduled in September that was signed off last year in December - which I have flatly stated that I'm not interested in, and on this particular day made it clear that this barrage of requests was getting boring - he and I weren't our usual amicable selves. He got all huffy when I made the suggestion of switching my shifts around to accommodate the shortfall, so when I tried to compromise by saying "can I at least have Thursday off then?" he told me to "forget about it" and thundered back upstairs to the office. My only other two colleagues that day were then mysteriously sent home an hour early despite their being plenty of stock and force-picking to do. Clearly I've been doing the department and the benevolent leaders of Asda too many favours lately! Also, we were supposed to get two new seasonal workers last Saturday in order to replace five members of the departments team who are no longer with us with various reasons. One lady who is also one of the best workers we have is finishing soon because she is going back to university. Another guy (who was a waste of oxygenated air anyway) left us a few weeks ago to go and be utterly redundant in another job. Another guy was sacked for stealing energy drinks and leaving his empty cans on the chiller racking, he was also training to be a section leader no less! Finally there are two guys are currently off sick with "depression" - including one guy who keeps threatening to kill himself every time the company contacts him to get updated on his status. Neither one of the avowed seasonal staff showed up. Pretty auspicious start to their careers wouldn't you say! They'll fit right in with the produce crew. Glad I'm not the only one to have had this impossible-to-alleviate urge...
  3. The actual Gordon Freeman is here! We have a celebrity in our midst. :3
  4. I think Jeb did it for me, thanks Rarity!
  5. Being a fan of Tats TopVideos channel due to a previous love affair with the SCP Wiki, I can name a couple of creepypasta's I'm fond of. Any genre you particularly fond of LeoThePeo? I'm quite partial to experiment themed creepypastas. It's that mixture of both human cruelty and contact (unwitting or intentional) with the utterly alien and terror-inducing that makes me shudder. I promise not to give away any spoilers. Gateway of the Mind - A story about sensory deprivation and the scientific search for God. The central subject's implied experience is what makes this story so haunting to me, the following line when read in context of the tale really impressed itself on my imagination: At one point, he yelled “No heaven, no forgiveness” for five hours straight.
  6. Ha! I can always rely on your clarity of vision Vapymid. I won't have to resort to a genocidal policy against the stupid. Not yet.
  7. I'm sorry for being old and internet-senile but is there any way I can get the NSFW key on my profile, or any of the other roles on my profile. Is it something I have to set up myself or does an admin or one of you fine folks have to give it to me? I tried googling the answer and realized just how utterly out-of-touch I am with everything. Message boards are my natural habitat and anything more contemporaneous confuses and alarms me... EDIT: Changed my display name to Graveyard Vandalism to match my steam profile.
  8. Extremely tired of people not yet being an extinct species. I think my coworkers can't get any worse at their jobs, convincing myself they've reached the lowest possible grade of sheer willful incompetence, and then they go and break their own deplorable record. My occupation is like a short story by Thomas Ligotti. It's that same artfully constructed sentiment of human folly, supernatural dread and cosmological indifference.
  9. Seeing as Rarity solved the mystery, I guess we can make this into a general hair discussion thread. I always shave my head but attempt to grow a proper beard as compensation. What I effortlessly generate instead is a horrible and uneven facial fro that seems to favor the left-hand side of my face exclusively. Anybody else have beard troubles?
  10. I think I've just come up with your new nickname Fric. Anteatereating Anteater Eater
  11. Between this post and your thread about Ross's luscious locks, I already like you. Welcome to the forums
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