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  1. The thing with these new sounds is that they break the episodes' continuity, if that makes any sense. Its adding new sounds on a random episode, changing what was established before without any prior circumstance that allowed for that change. Like, to a way lower extent, what would happen if suddenly Freeman takes a nap, then wakes up in Black Mesa Source. The change is weird. Now, I do like the new sounds, but it was not the moment to change that. It would make sense in Xen, since maybe gunshots sound different in there, but as it was done here, I have to down-vote the idea. So nay. I would say go back to the original HL:S sounds. That's my tuppence worth. -Oh, and I haven't been here in a while. Hello, gents.
  2. Taking a look at the forums after a long while of inactivity. Good day to you all.
  3. Lurking this forum after a long while of inactivity. Evenin' gents.
  4. Como diría un amigo mio: sos muy "we".
  5. Small note regarding the "not natural" part of homosexual intercourse: Ye know, it is actually quite hard to determine if it is natural or not. You see, for starters, homosexuality was always present in human history. Let me remind you that Julius Caesar was bisexual, for instance, and there are historical documents that confirm he had relationships with both men and women. This applies, to a certain extent, to people like James Wolfe, Friedrich Von Steuben, amongst other important historical figures. Now that's with humans. Let us go one step backwards in evolution: animals. Truth be told, I am not interested in finding out more about this topic, simply because I find it most hilarious, yet quite unpleasant and disturbing. However, I did see two of my male dogs going at it... more than once. Hopefully this makes it more clear: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals Now, leaving the Bible aside, I define "natural" as something that is NOT artificial, ergo not created by humans. The fact that there is "animal homosexuality" proves under this definition that it is something natural, yet uncommon and not socially accepted. Here, one must find the proper way to distinguish the terms "normal" and "natural". Many things can be normal, but not natural, such as eating genetically modified food, fighting wars, hell, even needing money to pay your life. Others can be natural, but not normal, such as inactive volcanoes suddenly flooding an entire area on lava, earthquakes, people who end up extremely tall (Ex. 8-9 feet high) or short (Ex. Verne Troyer), etc. Discuss?
  6. This is all I've made within the last 2 months: http://koach2.deviantart.com/
  7. Just came back to say hello. I'll set camp on the forum for a few minutes to see what's going on in here. Then I shall go back with my red-coated mates.
  8. "Zulu" Outstanding movie. 9/10 1wOWus8ChyY (Trailer's a bit odd, but movie's great)
  9. RnGkyzpagqQ Made with the 47th Regiment of Foot
  10. Just finished watching "Zulu". Great 1960's movie.
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