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  1. You wake up with scaly black skin
  2. There's a cinder block in my pants.
  3. Fun fact: that .gif image was made by an /mlp/ user upon my request.
  4. >YFW Ross Scott makes an MLP reference in an episode.
  5. Wish denied for denying my wish numbnuts.
  6. Remember the day you got laid? Yeah, I don't either.
  7. I fucking don't fucking see fucking how fucking any fucking person fucking can fucking talk fucking like fucking this fucking all fucking the fucking time.
  8. Last edited by Epsilon on 21 May, 2011 13:37, edited 1 337 times in total.
  9. Username kills Martin with his pewpew lazors. He then proceeds to remove Martin's smiley flag and place down a Texas flag.
  10. Granted, but that woman is satan in disguise because you got the 666th reply in this thread. I wish I was a dragon.
  11. Username unmelts, gazes back at Epsilon and retakes his place on the hill
  12. He won't. And he won't fight the fish or do the valve thing either. Considering Ross has God Mode on for the series, I think Freeman will just jump off the dam! I never godmode in HL1, and I always shoot down the heli with the tau and slide down the dam.
  13. Granted, but now your regular source games no longer work. I wish I was seven feet tall and still just as thin as I am now.
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