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  1. Batman

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    Godzilla (2014) 4/10 Just disappointing, too slow of a pace and the final battle just didn't pay off like I hoped it would.
  2. Batman

    Rate the Last Movie you saw.

    X-men Days of Future Past 10/10 - basically what pinkie pie said.
  3. Batman

    Freeware Picks

    Audacity - Little surprised this wasn't already mentioned, Great sound recorder. LMMS - A decent beat maker, if I had more musical talent I'd use it more. Gimp - Like Photoshop Lot of what I have was already mentioned above in previous posts, but will check out others.
  4. Batman

    All of my hate

    Nice way to dodge my actual point, you really feel the need to point out such a minor spelling error and make fun of me for it? Your pathetic, Good luck with your life outside these forums. I'm done responding to you, no need to feed the angry troll.
  5. Batman

    All of my hate

    Problem is your logic, or is this all an elaborate ruse to troll? See some help, and maybe take a break from the internet.
  6. Batman

    All of my hate

    The things you type on the internet.. its no wonder your on watchlists. Maybe take up a hobby might not be such a bad idea, like bird house building.
  7. Batman

    Horrible news that would make gamers cry.

    Breaking news! Nintendo buys Sony.
  8. Batman

    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    ESoXNCJlYq4 Here's the other one that was in my favorites, Such a stupid commentary on the movie (stupid as in FREAKIN hilarious).
  9. A New game I just came up with, make up a fake headline that would piss off gamers. Example: Half Life 3 confirmed as a Wii U exclusive. Anyone think they can top that?
  10. Batman


    I was sitting at -250ish, and was working my way down... I always ask people to -rep me... That's what it says in my location if you bother reading it. Well since the system is not working then I can't do anything. But it amazes me that you don't want a good reputation. It amazes me that it amazes you.
  11. Batman

    lion vs tiger

    Good choice, Ligers have great skills in magic I hear.
  12. Batman


    What is with these polls lately... have we really ran out of stuff to talk about?
  13. Alright, I've been on a bender lately of watching this show, and I gotta know are there any fans of this show on this forum? If so what are your favorite episodes? Mine is linked below, Space Mutiny all the nicknames the main guy gets is hilarious, a close second would be riding with death. If you haven't seen it, and got about an hour of your time.. check it out. I'd reccomend skipping the intro and get straight into the movie mocking 0:07:20. This is the episode that got me into watching them, you might enjoy it. (For those unsure what this is, its where the idea of the Master Chief Theater came from.) sa42pxJyq64
  14. Batman

    Youtube videos

    I think this thread is to share ANY Youtube video, the other thread was more along the lines of sharing videos you created. This should happen. BkGaza1rPfQ

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