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  1. Listening to music and singing (well, more like screeching) along.
  2. A bit random, but: The night before this video came out, I actually dreamed that the video came out. But then when I went to watch it robots started attacking my house and kidnapping me. I didn't think anything unusual about it. Dream logic!
  3. Usually the playlist on my computer, which is a weird amalgamation of game soundtracks and classic rock (and lots of mood whiplash if you leave it on shuffle). Find it hard to sleep without some sort of background music.
  4. Neckbeards are whatever you want them to be. Are you...coming on to me? That's a stretch.
  5. I had an account for a bit but my neckbeard wasn't majestic enough for it to stick around. wait since when did you have a neckbeard in the first place
  6. We should probably take Totally Serious Half-Life Story talk to another thread, but AFAIK, I think Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay are only considered by Valve to be semi or selectively canon. As in, they're considered non-canon except for anything explicitly mentioned in HL or HL2(+episodes). The reason we call him G-man is because that's what his file names were called. According to Marc Laidlaw himself: In my view, anything from the expansion packs are "canon until disproved."
  7. I think my eyes are already burned out just from seeing that username.
  8. It's always fun when you're reading fanfiction that seems perfectly nice and clean at first and then suddenly it's "what the heck are they....oh." It's like there's a weird obsession with sex. I'm asexual myself, so maybe it's just past my frame of understanding.
  9. I know Source Recorder does have a demo smoother, but I can't remember if that sort of thing could possibly help with the twitching camera.
  10. As far as I recall, Half-Life: Source uses a different version of Source than HL2, so I'd be surprised if they were all the same. However, I have seen a few of the glitches when recording my own HL2 demos, namely the camera twitching/stuttering one.
  11. Personally, best solution I see is making that M3U playlist. Actually, here's mine, but I haven't bothered updating it in a while: You'd want to paste that into Notepad and save it as an M3U file in the same folder where all the videos are. Also it won't work if the videos are named something different. So yeah.
  12. Writing dialogue for a comic I'm making with my friend.
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