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  1. I see you're one of those that doesn't know how the USA is designed. The states have to directly ask for assistance from the federal government in the correct way, or any assistance/interference by the federal government provides can result in a state suing the federal government for extortionate amounts of money, and the state would win. EVEN IF IT WOULD HELP PEOPLE! Trump started out by saying that he could do nothing until the states requested it in the right way, and NO ONE CARED. It seems everyone thought it was a lie, or a trick, or something, or just completely forgot that he said that from the start. It doesn't matter what he said later, because IT'S NOT SOMETHING HE CAN CONTROL. Panic is bad, and considering how much panic happened for the previous coronavirus outbreaks that did effectively nothing, it wasn't a bad descision except in hindsight. That was all of the medical experts at the beginning of the outbreak, not just the politicians. Even Fauchi. You can probably find video of it if you're willing to dig through the shitstorm of anti-Trump propaganda it's now buried under. Which cases are you speaking of specifically? Nothing new there... It took FEMA several days to get WATER to the superdome. That's not nearly as difficult to do as ventilators and quarantine equipment. Some people are stupid. They still vote though, so ignoring them as a demographic can spell doom for a campaign. Trump doesn't ignore them, and he's the first to really do so. That said, the politicization happened equally coming from both political parties, and many independants all at once. It was politicized because of how the boatful of tourists was handled, and it escalated from there. It never should've been politicized like that, but it was. The media loved it. The more political and divisive, the more money the media makes, so they will gently twist the reporting to favor one side or the other for different meanings, which had a far bigger effect with this particular issue. Once they got a taste of it, they never let it go.
  2. The fact is that it's exclusively a state governing issue for all of the Coronavirus issues. The President literally has no control over it whatsoever. If you have issues with how COVID was handled in the USA, look no further than the state governors. Anything the federal government does regarding COVID can land them in lawsuitland for decades, which is something they're trying to avoid.
  3. I 100% support playing this mod. It's slightly dated, but it's extremely well done, and with a little modding of the settings can easily handle 128 players on each side. (not total, each side, I've tested it personally with a low-end laptop running the server and playing the game at the same time)
  4. Unless it's to make your system actually run a game, or run it at a specific setting that the system couldn't before. (like upgrading to a GPU with hardware raytracing)
  5. Looks like Wasteland 2, except with a slightly different setting.
  6. So, they're just getting rid of the server that is hosting the Minecraft accounts because it's ancient, and people are losing their minds over it being labeled differently on the new server? Sounds pretty typical of anti-Microsoft people.
  7. 3249 - My body is on display at the "this is why you should go on a diet" exhibit in the Smithsonian. It has a single sentence description: "This is why you should go on a diet.".
  8. That has an incredibly clickbait title... (and some inaccuracies, which are common in anti-Trump propaganda)
  9. Kane was both a good and bad guy... That's why so many people liked him.
  10. 3240 - Pizza is now officially recognized as the best food item ever created. They made a statue; people cried.
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