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  1. 3215 - 3214 was a lie. Visual is the medium, cartoon is the genre, anime is the subgenre.
  2. There are also some tanks IRL that can be operated by a single person. That's what autoloaders are for. If he wants to buy mine, he can't. (I haven't found it yet since I moved, after I do he could)
  3. And yet people do it on the regular in games like War Thunder... And quite well I might add.
  4. Battletech and all DLCs, The Incredible Machine Mega Pack. (the latter is $2.50 on GOG right now)
  5. Battletech with the Roguetech mod. Found it because Google recommended a video from a guy whose videos I watched 5 years ago to figure out a build on Mechwarrior Online, and then it just popped up for some reason. This mod got me to buy the Battletech game, because the vanilla gameplay just didn't have enough choices for equipment and mechs in it. (and it wasn't very intuitive for the damage and combat system) Only downside is the abysmal hit chances. (have to bring double/triple the ammo you need in vanilla, and that's comparing a level 10 gunnery to a level 3 gunnery)
  6. No it isn't. It's the best thing since sliced bread, and the only action a human can take that lasts forever.
  7. 3212 - The year I finally decide to watch another anime. It isn't enough to get me interested in the genre any more than I already wasn't.
  8. Also a little bit of "I'm doing this because I want it to be good, not because I'm paid minimum wage to do it".
  9. This is correct. This is incorrect.
  10. Aren't you that guy that does that thing?
  11. That was incredibly painful to watch. The "stationary then move rapidly to another stationary position" aiming actually gave me a headache.
  12. 100% in agreement. This is why GUIs exist, so you don't have to memorize dozens of obscure shortcuts for each different program. (which is one of the biggest problems with command line Linux programs, compounded by the lack of documentation)
  13. I take it English is not your primary language then, because what you originally posted does not make sense.
  14. Not just that, but the States outright REFUSED to do anything about any of this, when it is in fact their responsibility, not the responsibility of the President. Also, Trump-haters that refuse to accept that, because they loathe the idea that Trump isn't responsible for all the ills of this world.
  15. Well, tomorrow is AMD's Zen 3 announcement, and my dentist appointment.
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