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  1. So I updated the thread a little after the year I've been gone because I don't want to make something redundant. NOTE, everything I've said before this post is dumb and should be taken with a grain of salt
  2. From the Deux Ex Game Dungeon Ross discussed how the augments in the game would not significantly impact anyone's ability to work in some of the biggest fields; and while I agree that the augments displayed are quite lack luster (being mostly physical) and I understand that he's probably just talking about the aug's IN GAME which would be a waste of the computer power and not anything real life could bring; people who know what they were doing would be able to make aug's MUCH more advantageous to today's world. For instance, what if your brain had a small calculator that had the ability to do everything a standard one could at the speed of light? That alone would be able to put you a step ahead of most mathematicians out there, and thats not even the least we can do. You can shove the most complicated hand calculator you've seen in the space of a microchip and you would be banned from every casino that knows better. This is not mentioning GPS, Actual photographic memory, internet connection, increased retention and memory storage AND the fact that many of the top ten jobs list Ross showed can AND will be replaced by robots in the coming years, Aug's would be a big deal. 7Pq-S557XQU So what do you think? What is one aug you would get IRL? Personally I'd be chromed up and shit, but I would get the calculator one first
  3. "I've got the best comeback of all... A SPAS-12" Edit: Also "Call me Ishmael, BITCH"
  4. To be very honest I though Australia already had gay marriage because Australia is one of those country that is just really pleasant until you go out into the wilderness, then I looked it up and saw it was under "civil union" which is fine, then I remember Tony Abbott. I am so, so sorry. don't worry though, I completely understand what he is like. we had George W Bush to deal with. Twice. But yeah that airline record is impressive, considering you are right next to Malaysia airlines
  5. Not sure if it would be appropriate to post this in serious topic or civ problems (I mean, this is the opposite of a problem) But anyways... WOW, have you guy heard the news from america? Homosexual marriage, Universal healthcare, It looks as though people are getting more and more lucid recently. while one big BAD thing happened a few days before, I think that shook some people awake, proof being the confederate flags in several states being taken down of government buildings. IT KIND OF A BIG DEAL. we still have a lot of shit to get through, like in some states its still ok to fire someone if they are gay, but things are looking up. If you want this can be a good news thread to dump all the good new from YOUR country. Edit: Hi Serious Topic Discussion. wow, thats an unfortunate acronym.
  6. I don't know man, It just seems impossible for use to kill ourselves right now unless we make a god IA and it goes horribly wrong. I'm from america, and 70 years ago, In the 40's our biggest national threat was a band of three nations who sought to take over the world like a Saturday morning cartoon, but super serious and terrifying. Today, our biggest national security risk is ourselves, and people see that, and wish to fix it. The only "nation" that has any intent on massacring the public is North Korea, a joke of a country that is starving and rotting as we speak. the only people who could end the world have no intent on doing so, and no matter how many faults are showing, It wouldn't end humanity. It just doesn't make any rational sense. I'm sure the united states will fall from grace, but someone else will pick it up. and the case is even better for peace on a world scale . Here:This video is sourced in the description NbuUW9i-mHs
  7. Get out. Seriously, GG is just a misogynist, MRA temper tantrum, that's all it is or ever was. If you'd like you can offer a counter argument and a different perspective on the subject. Actually I would love to seen the opposite side, because I tend to feel bad if I don't see both sides of an argument. This however just makes you sound mad and immature, so please, if you don't have anything to add don't just tell others to get out with a reason why. Misogyny doesn't count either, because due to some people, it has gotten vague as to what that mean exactly, so please go into deep detail about why and add sources if possible. This ain't your hugebox Thanks.
  8. Hey, Del3030, Thanks. That help me understand that mess a lot and the detail put in is wonderful. I would like to add the main reason why the gamergate thing was banned is that it started to clog up /v/ and video game discussion no longer was able to keep up compared to gamergate threads, which may have had 12 open threads at a time. It doubt was due to the political affiliation of the mods, more of the shitposting being done by the participants and the size of it. Things like this happened before, good examples being the creation of /mlp/, /vg/ and the banning of homestuck generals. It isn't important and I have little else to say on the matter, just kinda adding context. also don't expect 8chan to get anywhere, 4chan clones are absolutely everywhere and have all suffered from fatigue.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/FoolOfWorms/
  10. Leopold II Crimes: Crimes against humanity ICC Hitler do I have to? ICC Kim Il-sung Crimes:Crimes against humanity, War crime, Genocide Genghis khan Crimes: Crimes against humanity, Mass murder ICC (I want these to happen for foresight reasons/i'm not sure if they would be found guilty) Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot Crimes:Crimes against humanity ICC Andrew Jackson Crimes: Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Unlawful Mass eviction ICC
  11. Yet, now we have essentially hit on the 'year of hate'. People hating a game based on limited pre-release footage from staged scenes... People hating someone for having an opinion different than theirs, regardless of the logic or lack of logic involved... (see gamergate) People killing a bunch of other people because they have different skin color, or religion... People ganging up on, and verbally abusing anyone if they aren't a particular religion... (see most atheists) It used to be that we just killed a bunch of people; now we do so much emotional and mental damage that people kill themselves. You just said a lot of things right there, and I'm not even going to touch that atheist shit cause I'd rather not, but my argument is this. How much media coverage do you get on this? How many details? the main reason it sounds like there is MORE hate right now instead of less is because people talk about it more. Thats wonderful because it shows what people are thinking and their reasoning and if it was just or not instead of just passing it off as something minor, if they discover it at all. Do you honestly think people hate each other more now than they did 70 years ago? how about 50? 30 even? Before you throw the Fox News propaganda argument, I will say I understand the concern, but it is a known FACT that everything that comes out of their mouth is being highly scrutinized by the likes of John Stewart and Larry Wilmore.
  12. Walk into a room with a walky talky. now barely pay attention to said walky talky and any noise coming out of it. do you think you will pick up anything? we are in the space boonies on a mudball in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere, Do you think anyone give two shits about what us ants are doing?
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