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  1. In my honest opinion, Cyh's Chell's Mind is the only series that ever equalled Ross in terms of writing quality. It's crying shame (no pun intended) that the series was never completed.
  2. I saw this posted in a Discord server and it reminded me of something Ross spoke about in a video, how he always dreamed of a tool that could take a screenshot of a virtual world from some now-lost video games and turn them into playable levels, and this seems to be along the same lines. I wasn't sure which video it was in so I went for best guess. Article linked below. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2021/04/16/gan-research-knight-rider-ai-omniverse/
  3. Only 345 days to go until the 15th anniversary of the release date of Episode 1 of Freeman's Mind! That's 11 months and 10 days, or 49 weeks and 2 days, OR 8,240 hours.
  4. It is your constitutional right to be a moron, but you don't have to be an asshole about it.
  5. I tried to introduce Freeman's Mind to a friend but he says he can't get into Episode 1. Anyone know where might be a better jumping-on point for him?
  6. Whoa, Drama Alert much? I just spent the last two weeks with no internet and then I come back to this. I'm definitely gonna try and make a tune out of that lol Bruh Okay so @The Britain I apologise if I came across as overly critical but I hope you understand my position, when I was younger I wasn't as careful about what information I shared where as I should've been, and now I'm old enough to know better I've been trying to mitigate that as much as I can after having what I can only describe as the worst kind of wake-up call in that situation, and having had some bad experiences with some of these sites has left me terse and frustrated. I understand that GDPR doesn't apply outside of Europe and site owners are under no obligation to provide an option to delete accounts (and I'm not such a melodramatic opportunist to try an ill-advised legal battle on the say-so of someone who can't spell sue correctly), but that said I steadfastly believe that providing users the ability to choose to have their accounts closed, even if only as a courtesy for peace of mind, is something that should at very least be considered. I probably couldn't list all the reasons why it should be an option, as in theory it has no immediate tangible profit for the site owner and I very much doubt if enough people online even consider it a concern, though they absolutely should. You seem like a reasonable, understanding individual, and I hope you can appreciate my position. I don't mean to make anyone's life difficult or depreciate what goes into running and maintaining websites. I'm just tired of banging my head against brick walls trying to make up for past carelessness and getting little to no support from the people I'm supposed to ask for help. I only want to resolve this matter as quickly - and painlessly - as possible, and I sincerely hope we can reach an understanding. If you have anything you feel like saying, if you have your own take or I'm not seeing the whole picture, I'll hear it gladly enough. Hell, it'd be nice to be meeting someone halfway for once.
  7. I've been trying to send an account deletion request but I'm not getting any response on the site itself so I figured I'd post about it here. I'll be real with you guys - if you don't have an account yet and are thinking of getting one, my advice is: don't. There's nothing you can do there that you can't already do here, and this site has double the functionality of Gorilla Gong. It's got potential but until they make some major strides in what you can actually do on the site I don't think it's worth it. The best I can recommend is maybe browsing it without an account and going direct to any creators you find on the site. And to those of you that are already on the site... you have my sympathies.
  8. Okay, why does it say "You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results." why wouldn't I have permission to see the results of the poll I set up?
  9. Here's a poll. Or maybe not. I'm not sure, the site's doing farts on me.
  10. The main criticisms that apply to Barney's Mind (and to a lesser extent Shephard's Mind) are its dated contemporary references, uneven characterisation (sometimes he talks like Freeman or references things a scientist would be more likely to know, other times he plays the dumb card, and in general he doesn't actually do anything security guard-like) and generic dialogue (which in part I think can be attributed to Ian recording it live without breaks or edits and very little scripting leading to him having to think up lines on the fly). With all that said though, no I don't think it sucked. I think it was kinda meh. Also, Shephard's Mind was pretty good.
  11. Well that's reassuring. In any case, I don't fear the Basilisk.
  12. So this has been a problem for quite some time but I've only just now got around to addressing it. I've lost access to my other account, WhenWorldsCollide2, because I lost the password to both the Accursed Farms account, the email address the account was linked to, and the backup email that the email address was linked to. The first moral of this story is, never use mail.com. The second moral of this story is, NEVER USE MAIL.COM!!!! But aside, I am in need of help in retrieving that account, either by: Changing the address it's linked to; Merging my old account with my current account, as I've seen done on some other sites, or; Deleting the account altogether. So yeah. Now what do I do?
  13. I call that bold talk for someone who is not on a unicycle.
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