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  1. So here's the thing, I am making a mind series using the game F.E.A.R. I am not the first to do this or even the second, I can find one series by kmsumrall but I am looking for The Point Man's mind by Triox45. He deleted his videos about three months ago in protest of Youtube's advertisement policies. I was hoping someone made a copy of them, I would like to at least view the first episode. I can't find anything online for the life of me. I would just like to see how my writing and editing fair against the other (Point Man's Mind)s to see if the series is worth completing and to see if I can truly have a completely different character in my own story. (TLDR: Do you have backups of Triox45's The Point Man's Mind?)
  2. The sound track for Transistor is great.
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