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  1. The appeal back in the day was that it was incredibly detailed, had tons of units and choices, and it carried over your choices between levels, all in an RTS.
  2. "I try to post more, but never enough"
  3. 3292 - Everyone does things, and are happy, unhappy, or uncaring about the outcome of said things.
  4. Fucks were given, and that's why I'm no longer allowed back in the Zoo. _____, when _____ _____ _____.
  5. 3281 - The 3219 time compression ends, with all events having been done, yet no one remembering any of them.
  6. I personally hate the idea of menus coming up from simply hovering the cursor over them. That's how you get tooltips, not menus. Menus should only show when I deliberately activate them, not from running over a grain of salt with my mouse. (since that can glitch the sensor into thinking it moved a half a mile to the upper right)
  7. OpenMW from back when the only thing it did besides allow the game to run on newer systems, was improve the graphics quality. (it had some sort of shader-level effects as well from an injected thing)
  8. 3272 - Ninja forgot the "nice" for 3269. (nice)
  9. Thanks, that comment completely borked my memory yesterday, despite me not reading it until today.
  10. Not many people looking for this torrent. They're mostly looking for the latest movie/album release, not old youtube videos.
  11. If you don't like it, just grab the Java version free... Microsoft really doesn't care about that happening. RTX is the only real reason to not get the Java version.
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