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  1. 3122 - Since other people keep duplicating numbers.
  2. Why did you include a single narrow boob in your post?
  3. And this is the first post made by me this day.
  4. 3107 - Time catches up finally.
  5. Unless it can leave orbit completely under its own power, it's not a space ship.
  6. Sort of. They're starting slow, and making people more amenable to the idea of a Linux-based OS. They already use one for their phones, so now they're showing that maybe they should be looking at something new for the PC as well. Install an aftermarket security suite. Avast has very comprehensive security capabilities, and literally spent several years effectively patching XP's security using their free antivirus software. (both before and after Microsoft dropped all extended support) For me, it's throwing away several thousand dollars worth of games and other software that doesn't run in any Linux distro, including in WINE and other emulation layers. This is very accurate. Yup. Can do it all for free as well. +1
  7. Happy to help with the translation from techie to normal people speak.
  8. Apple sort of tries to do that right now.
  9. He means to say that in every version of Windows, it's been a balancing act of either Microsoft forcing updates and monitoring the system for problems, and allowing a user to ignore updates entirely making their system potentially vulnerable to malware or bugs in the OS.
  10. I never did Facebook either. We're in the minority, but technically this forum is a type of social media, as is Imgur. (which I frequent) Yes please! You expected that answer from me didn't you?
  11. 3100 - The year holodecks replace homes.
  12. You have trouble believing I'm not insane? I thought you were a regular here... Seriously though, @FullBusinessSuit seems like he's gone off the deep end, and needs to come up for air... The chlorine is a bit strong in this water.
  13. The way it "leaked" sounds to me like it was intentional. Microsoft devs have been trying to work away from the long delay update model they've been forced into with the current monolithic kernel. This is one move they can use to push public opinion and the PR landscape to support them moving over onto a Linux or Linux-style Kernel system, and then having the ability to run everything from their own repos, and even have the ability to update anything in the system without requiring a reboot. (including the kernel most times)
  14. If it's on the internet, or he/she has a cellular phone, yes. That is exactly what I do. There is no excuse for not looking up the definitions of words when you have the ability to do so in under 5 seconds. And hiding behind not wanting to look up the definition of a word is outright stupid. Don't be stupid. Not quite, but close. That's the exact same attitude that people have when they try to get away with not wearing a mask, and someone calls them on it. No, he's trying to use the correct word for the idea he's trying to convey. That is what a language is designed to do by the way, convey ideas. Whether you or I agree with the idea being conveyed is irrelevant to the function of language and vocabulary. Attack the argument, not their superior vocabulary. And that is why you need to use a full vocabulary. Sticking to 3rd grade words, and complaining when you don't understand a word won't get you very far in a political forum. That isn't how it works. Just because you can convey an idea properly, doesn't mean that people automatically perceive things the same way you do. That happens anyways, so there is no logical reason to kowtow to people who won't accept your vocabulary. No one did. And so are you. You didn't though. You said you didn't understand the words/acronym definitions, and refused to even try to rectify the situation on your own, even though it takes less than 5 seconds to do so. No one does, and Annie does that sort of thing quite a lot, but the specific few of sentences you are complaining about are most definitely not that. So have I, and you're using a similar one right here. It's an open forum, and there is no rule stating that people can not voice their opinions of your posts. If you decide it's not worth your time to continue in the thread, that is your prerogative. You don't need any help with that, you're doing a fine job yourself. I've been in that situation before as well. The best thing to do is take a break from whatever is making you feel that way. Then you can come back and see where you went off the rails, and lost your self. (I have plenty of personal experience with that on this forum, just look at most arguments between me and Annie for proof) Sometimes that's all there is in a person's argument, and if you can't handle it, then you need to take a step back from the argument, and reevaluate how you're handling the entire thing. If they're meaningless, then they shouldn't be making you feel strongly enough to post 29 sentences about how much you hate what they're saying.
  15. It was the publishing branch of Bethesda. They split off to be a parent company just before TESO was announced.
  16. Agreed. They have acknowledged that that is a problem, and they are going to work on fixing it, so there's that at least. They have been since the early 90's. Matter of fact, they've been the biggest supporter of Linux financially. (apart from Red Hat once they got big) Of course it isn't. It's finally starting to have distros that are GUI-centric instead of just a GUI to cover up all the CLI that you have to do to do anything on the OS. I seriously doubt any corporation is buying Linus Torvalds. They definitely have been giving off that vibe for the last 30 years.
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