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  1. sry 4 posting here and not on red. ...i have no red. account...long, boring story....
  2. I really was (kind of) inspired by this talk: In short: Cursed problems vs. hard problems. Ex.: 1.: Large open world - quality of content: is a hard problem. Solution is possible, but with a lot of work. 2.: Pokemon go: Play whenever, wherever - don't play, while driving: is a cursed problem. Solution is not possible (any restriction for security reasons would violate the first promise). I liked the image, that a cursed problem is like an eldrich god in your ocean and the only way to calm him is to offer him your babies. My question: The old image of the "starving artist" and the consequent problems seem to manifest themselves within the still growing gaming industry, more than ever. While there is huge potential for innovation within the medium, the urge for endless monetization creates "shallow" content or really terrible working conditions("crunch"). Is the conflict between honest, artistical work and the survival of the artist a cursed problem? PS: I know, this is no short and sexy question...but maybe interesting.
  3. ...i really don't have much exp. with linux...i used some ubuntu version, years ago...i totally get what the "user friendlyness" issue is, but i don't shy away from these things. The term : "linux gaming", for me just means: ending the ms monopoly on pc gaming. That, in fact is the only thing, i'm interested in here.
  4. Hey folks, happy Halloween! Hey Ross! THX a lot for this great (again) hw trilogy! I share your view on FMV Games...they mostly vacuum! (....Wing Commander 4 rules, though!) Nevertheless, you made some great Points in the first and scnd vid, making it well worth it, imo. For the main course: "chef kiss!" Nuff said! Besides, maybe: i haven't found a GD, not beeing in that category, yet!
  5. A video on Linux Gaming? You had my curiosity all along, good Sir, but now you have my attention.
  6. This is a great solution to! So many good old games! But why exactly 2011? I mean, if you would expand it to 2012, you could do the Mass effect Trilogy or Dishonored.... I'm done now building a system around my 1080 and now RE 2 Remake runs fine (most spec heavy title i own)....so i'm fine....Only upcoming Problem: Elden Ring Well said! ....unfortunatly
  7. Fun story: Watching, i think one of Ross's streams of Lecard Chronicles 2, i heard him saying something like: "civ11 is giving me a run for my money...". Me: "civ what?" Cut foreward: "Then, from the Dark, They came, and found the Souls of Lords within the Flame. Ross, the first of the good, the Noah of Caldwell-Gervais, and his analyses of long, Matthewmatosis, the Lord of Insight, and his thoughtful Mega Microvideos, and the furtive civvie, so easily forgotten." And, conveniently, just as i finished bathing in ALL of Civvie's videos, THE NEW GD IS HERE!!!! I recently saw a video (i could swear it was from civvie, but i can't find the part anymore) where (supposedly) civvie said something like: "....this is so complicated and over my head,.....it is more a Ross Scott thing...". This GD is on the point of this statement. I never felt so entertained, while my brain was fractalised. THX for another great GD!!! and thx for civvie btw!
  8. @TheOneFreeman23: Thx 4 sharing your story! Tough shit! And a noble deed, selling under MSRP! More power to you and all the best! @Im_CIA: Sorry to hear that! Good luck to you! If your plans work out, you'r both faster than me, having to keep my 1080 for, well, as it looks at the moment, forever (TSMC price increase etc.). As long as my card works, i will wait. Even if i could find a way, giving nvidia 1000 bucks for a 3060ti LHR feels wrong on so many levels! Intels market entry may stir things up a bit.
  9. Man, i hope he never finds me here! He'd kill me, if he knew, that i offer my golden words for free!
  10. I am old and i loved Riven. So i loved this. period.
  11. A bit too "grind-y" for me, but unmatched "movement feeling"! (don't know how to better phrase this...but if you've played it, you will know what i mean!)
  12. Had huge problems to get into this at first. But i, somehow sticked to it. With a lot of guide reading.... Now i love it. The game works! Not to hard, not to easy...very scary...very immersive. It's kind of "not my genre" but i think, when a game manages to "lure a genre-outsider in", it's a sign of quality.
  13. Did not realize this! Thx Wwen! I liked all three of them as well.
  14. I like to be alone in the woods, crafting, gathering, basebuilding, surviving...with not too much pressure, slowly advancing in tech. to make surviving more sustainable....(i turned off the npc's, the animals are dangerous enough for me!). I totally understand when some one finds this boring. But to me: ALL-TIME FAVORITE
  15. Felt a bit like a tech/art demo. If some one would "merge" this with Amnesia: TDD-like gameplay......
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