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  1. I am old and i loved Riven. So i loved this. period.
  2. A bit too "grind-y" for me, but unmatched "movement feeling"! (don't know how to better phrase this...but if you've played it, you will know what i mean!)
  3. Had huge problems to get into this at first. But i, somehow sticked to it. With a lot of guide reading.... Now i love it. The game works! Not to hard, not to easy...very scary...very immersive. It's kind of "not my genre" but i think, when a game manages to "lure a genre-outsider in", it's a sign of quality.
  4. Did not realize this! Thx Wwen! I liked all three of them as well.
  5. I like to be alone in the woods, crafting, gathering, basebuilding, surviving...with not too much pressure, slowly advancing in tech. to make surviving more sustainable....(i turned off the npc's, the animals are dangerous enough for me!). I totally understand when some one finds this boring. But to me: ALL-TIME FAVORITE
  6. Felt a bit like a tech/art demo. If some one would "merge" this with Amnesia: TDD-like gameplay......
  7. Can't wait! German "Gamestar" magazine says: 2021!
  8. I had not played DS, when i bought this and i could not find a way in. Years later, after my "ohhh! this is why every one loves DS" phase, and after loving the DS series to pieces, i came back. It's no Platformer! It's DS in 2D! Nothing more, nothing less. subj. rating: (beeing a DS fanboy!) FANTASTIC
  9. OMG! This is so awesome! Very unusual gameplay...but it's part of the fun to figure it out. Don't want to spoil anything. Had a blast!!! At first, it seemed a bit hard to accsess, but after the first steps it gripped me. Don't use the walkthrough to early....the puzzles make sense! Never played anything like this...if some one knows a similar game, pls let me know! It's kind of simple and yet complex. subj. rating: good/great (emphasis on GREAT!) (a bit to short to be FANTASTIC)
  10. Still waiting for this to be "finished" and "fixed"....recent update videos gave me the impression, that they go more in a "number crunching mmoish" direction and away from atmosphere..... ....any one any updates on this?
  11. I was too young(stupid?) for Myst but i LOVED Riven. That game gives an idea, how such games could work now days. Similar to the great OBDUCTION, i loved it very much BUT those games need bigger budgets!!!! MORE such environments! MORE Puzzles! MORE!!!!!
  12. The first game EVER that i restartet immediately after beating it the first time.
  13. Just got the "final cut" version for the price of a bad sandwitch. Never played anything from this series before. It ticks ALL my boxes: It's like Diablo, but far more complex wich doesen't mean it's hard. On normal, with my tanky damage "protector" build, it's the never ending story of me, beating the cr** out of everything moving! (except for some people, i have very mundane dialogue with) The enemies STAY dead!!! (except for if you want to grind and activate respawning in the options) Music is good to incredible! Unlike Diablo, it's ridiculously funny but also grim and scary. (...seems unlikely....but remember the movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail...it managed to do the same thing imo ) All the environments look great and are full of little secrets that make them feel much more alive, compared to Diablo. Atmosphere is dense at all times and the characters, the writing and the voice acting never let me down. The popculture references, although overabundant, never seemed to me to be shoehorned in.(...the above mentioned final boss goldfinger quote beeing one rare exeption...) subj. rating: good/great (i prefer serious games in general, wich is the ONLY thing, keeping this game from FANTASTIC)
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