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  1. I haven't seen Tron Legacy in ages, so I completely forgot that part....granted, in my idea, Lex actually shows up at meetings and has conference-call shouting matches with the Board over his proposals, but other than that, your description of it does make sense. Here's a custom of Lex I made to go with this idea.
  2. So I've been kicking around an idea for what's probably going to be DC Comics Elseworlds fanfiction (there's no way I'm ever going to get to pitch this to the actual heads of DC)....basically, it revolves around Lex Luthor (looking like Jesse Eisenberg, because I refuse to believe he was playing Lex in "Batman v Superman") and Superman actually working together to make Metropolis a better place. The "evil rich people" role would be filled by the LexCorp board of directors (all octogenarians, effectively embodying "status quo" and "the good old days", aka the days of the gas crisis and other such things) and Morgan Edge (because let's be honest, corrupt media moguls are an "in" thing these days). Lex, in my idea, is more of a Steve Jobs (minus the crippling character flaws)/Bill Gates/Elon Musk type, rather than a Boesky or Gordan Gecko; he legitimately wants to help the people of Metropolis, and despite his humanistic tendencies, he ends up more fascinated by Superman than just thinking "ALIEN, KILL IT". I'd go into more detail, but first, I'd just like to know if this makes any sense at all. I've had at least two people tell me "Lex isn't supposed to be a hero", and one tell me to keep going with the idea....maybe this is just me looking for gratification/proof I'm not crazy for thinking a heroic Lex would be cool. I dunno. I figured that if anyone could keep me on an even keel with this, it'd be the fellow fans of Ross Scott (and Ross himself, seeing as how one of the ideas I had for Lex improving Metropolis would be to design an OS that supersedes Windows and follows Ross's ideas of how an OS should be intuitive and user-friendly).
  3. Thankfully, the storm has indeed long since passed, and the town's electricity has been restored since Wednesday. Good stuff. There are two "developing" weather bits in the tropics that won't be threats to my area, but they can still go burn in Hurricane Hell. I'm hoping the Game Dungeon has never been wracked by hurricanes...
  4. Right, so for those who keep track of the national weather patterns, a storm by the name of Delta happened to pass over my area last Friday. Long in a short: the power grid is still a shambles, the ISP has had to install a generator at their head office to keep the fiber-optic Internet working (and the generator has had issues since installation, so Internet use is intermittent at best), and sleeping arrangements have been...really really stupid over the past few days. Only one room in the house has air conditioning (thanks to the generator), and....yeah. We have a roof, we have running water, but a lot of the other stuff is just.... Needless to say, I REALLY hate hurricane season. Hoping everyone else here has been able to avoid the myriad (fun word, that) of storms that've popped up this year, and that anyone who's had to deal with storms has been able to stay safe (and retain their sanity)...but yeah, November 1 can't get here soon enough. It doesn't help that the meteorologist on Channel 3 decided to replay the radar track of Delta last night, in case everyone who's still recovering from it didn't see the live feed....or something. ENGH.
  5. My brother got UNDERTALE and Cuphead on PS4 two weeks ago, if that counts.
  6. My guess is, since the game was moved from Apogee to Homebrew Software, they didn't have a Lee Jackson or a Bobby Prince to make epic tunes for them and had to make do. From what I remember, some of the second and third episodes' tracks aren't as trippy.
  7. I never had a problem with the music; as long as you're using AdLib or Soundblaster, it doesn't really grate on my nerves. You do have to run the game at a pretty high framerate to get smooth scrolling, though, unless you like really choppy movement.
  8. Gateworld would make for a great Game Dungeon. It was originally meant to be an Apogee title, but they ditched it due to "poor quality" and it got picked up by Homebrew Software. My guess is, it was supposed to be a Crystal Caves sequel, or possibly related to Duke Nukem. Dunno, but either way, it's got....something.
  9. I think old Uncle Zeb up there wandered out of his room over in the home, and managed to make his way to this forum. The lack of medication would explain the utter banality of his post/absence of logic.
  10. Thanks. As previously mentioned, I thank both Ross Scott (for founding this forum, without which I'd still be bungling about like an adventurer in the Colossal Cave without a lantern) and BTGBullseye (for actually finding the linkage that reunited me with this long-sought publication) for their roles in this whole saga. Below is a pic of the issue, as received last week. (yes, that is my bed, and the multitude of random junk underneath it faintly visible in the background)
  11. I took the plunge and decided to start using D-Fend Reloaded this past Saturday, which turned out well....for the most part. I can't even say that getting games to work has been trial and error; the fact that there are default profiles for various eras of DOS titles made it a lot easier than I thought to get most of the games I have up and running. Unfortunately, there are still four or five games I have problems with, one of which has a pre-installed profile in D-Fend Reloaded; the titles in question simply don't start after being configured, and I've listed them in the re-edited text file below. Games that I need help with to get running in D-Fend Reloaded.txt
  12. I'd googled the name before, and other issues came up, but never this one...utter weirdness.
  13. ....that's it. That's exactly it. I'm stunned into absolute silence. I've been searching for that thing for ages and now you've almost practically dropped it into my lap..... Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, BTGBullseye, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And Ross, thank you for hosting this this forum, without which I may never have found this issue to begin with.
  14. I'm posting this here because if anyone can help me with this issue, it's Ross. He's saved games from oblivion before, and my hope is that he can apply that talent to finding any evidence of something that is in fact tangentially (I think that's the right word) related to computer gaming: a magazine that the Internet has utterly forgotten. It's called Computer & Net Player Magazine. This isn't a Mandela Effect, or a mis-remembered thing: I know this once existed. I actually had an issue of the damn thing once, from 1997 to whenever it got thrown out for “being in the way” when someone who claimed they knew what they were doing found it in a room other than mine. There have been issues of it on eBay before, but not the one I had. No scans of it (of any issues, including the one I'd owned) exist, to my knowledge. I've Googled the name (and its replacement, which was something generic, like “Online Gaming Review” or whatever), and nothing's come up. So, yeah. Enough waffle. Time to get to the meat of this. Back in elementary school, in 1997, there was a program that rewarded students for consecutive weeks of good behavior and such. In my case, I got magazines—video game and computer game-related, mostly, along with stuff like Popular Science. The one that stands out in my mind was an issue of this Computer & Net Player Magazine that had, as its cover story, Daikatana. Now, keep in mind, this was back before the game was ever released, and before people had any idea of how broken the finished product would be; the cover had all three characters on it, with a red background, and behind it (as in, on the inside of the front cover) was a fold-out ad for Shadow Warrior. The centerpiece article, of course, was on Daikatana, with another fold-out discussing the weapons, enemies and items for each of the four time periods of the game. Among the featured reviews were Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Resident Evil and some football game where you could pit then-current teams against those from the leather-helmet days of the sport. I think that issue even had the review for Postal (more on that in a bit). I remember the ads, too. There was an ad for 7th Legion with the tagline “A good 7th Legion recruit always salutes his victim”, with an armored guy on the back of what appeared to be a mutant velociraptor giving someone the finger as he fired point-blank at them. There was a two-page spread for Black Dahlia, and a series of character sidebars for that VIGILANCE game meant to be the PC's answer to GoldenEye 007. And yes, Postal had a two-page ad spread as well, with a quote from the magazine's own review: “Sure, senseless violence is fun, but it's even more fun when it's directed at marching bands.” There was a section at the back of the magazine that had blurbs about past reviews, with one of the titles that stuck out in my mind being Magic: the Gathering – Battlemage. There were half-page “banners” for the PCDash Graphic Command Pad and Virtual Surgeon: Open Heart. Virus: The Game got a full page ad, too. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “Duke, you're probably confusing yourself. Computer Gaming World had a '97 issue with Daikatana as the cover story, too!” Well, I already jumped down that rabbit hole. Went to the CGW Archive, downloaded and read every single issue there. Oh, they had the ads I remembered, but CGW wasn't the same as Computer & Net Player Magazine. Hell, some of the ads for other games mentioned Computer & Net Player Magazine in them! There was even an ad for a computer, in Issue 167, that had the “Computer & Net Player Preferred” seal of approval in it (I've included a picture of said ad in this post for reference). The magazine EXISTED at some point, and I KNOW it did...but it seems to have vanished without a trace, even in the age of scans and reselling old issues. Oh, and the background color of the cover for CGW's Daikatana issue was yellow, not red. Just to clarify. Trying to locate this one issue of this one magazine has basically propelled me into a quest to obtain other video game literature that may have otherwise been lost to time. I have a small but growing collection of hint books and strategy guides already, the start of which stemmed from that initial search to find that one issue of Computer & Net Player I'd had all those years ago. That one issue continues to elude me to this day; it's kind of my personal white whale, even though I kind of don't like using that cliché. I've searched Archive.org, I've searched RetroMags...nothing. If Ross, or anyone else here has any information on this—where I can find scans, especially—I'd be eternally grateful.
  15. The level of thought you've put into this is astounding. Most people think "mouse for computer" and don't bother with all the specifics, but your method of thinking is spot-on. I'll admit, all I look for in a new mouse is "working buttons, working scroll wheel and overall functionality". I've never used one with side buttons or anything like that.... and by no means do I think this was a waste of your time. You outlined what your ideal new mouse should feature in a clear, concise manner. I sincerely hope you can, in fact, find a new mouse that fits all the criteria you've listed. (I'm guessing trackballs aren't your thing, since you never mentioned them in the graphic....)
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