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  1. gonna crucify u, Peter Gabriel all the way ;p (jk I love both)
  2. nice to see you back. Reminds me of my case when I was pretty active at first, but then dissappearing an then appering back again ;o;
  3. Jimmy Page Josh Homme Michel Gira Trent Reznor Mark Sandman Akira Yamaoka Grzegorz Ciechowski
  4. I forgot to mention it wasnt just metal song. Thats why I found it random. It was more like those silly "Aaaa" screams. They had white and black paint tho
  5. Guys, can you help me finding a song? It's pretty tricky, I think I saw it like 3 years ago... it was a song that most of the lyrics were weird yelling to the camera and bunch of guys with painted faces on the video...
  6. it's time when art makes you feel uncomfortable ._.
  7. GUYS! yes! I love it, I'm a huge fan of horror stuff. I listen to them mostly on YT, if you don't know, LazyMasquarade is my favourite. I also like MrNightmare, MrCreepyPasta, KingSpook, ScareTeather... If you are fan of Tat's I'd tottally reccomand you ReignBotHorror's vids too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCchWU8ta6L-Dy3rGIxPINzw Also SomeOrdinaryGamers has good content too as well. I can't name my fav creepypasta, there is too much of them, but so far on of my favourite was this long one about mysterious stairs in the woods it's like mix of most american horror creatures and combines them all in nice mystery. I also love "Gateway of the mind", definitelly one of the one that might not be scary, but stays with you for long time... From gaming creepypastas... I like "Ben Drowned" and "Polybius" but the one that actually made me feel uncomfortable was "jvk1166z.esp" probably because I'm taken by nostalgia of the game and I remember morrowind sometimes used to scare me when I played it as a kid, so it added to the effect. Also I will confess I like the whole idea for Herobrine (along with other MC spooky stuff) and how even creators joke about removing him with every update. And how hard players want to summon those stuff in game.
  8. Old photo but I still like it. Friend took it at some party. My avatar is also me tho.
  9. Ok if that's your opinion, it's ok. Let people decide what is better for them. Really don't tell people what to do, if you don't like other people telling you what to do.
  10. Yup. There is completely no reason to even be in war. Both servers are run differently and have different focus, but works pretty nice in balance together. The reddit server is for gaming and Ross, and second one is about everything else, from games to hobbies and personal interests, but run by ppl from community. Merging them into one would made it overcrowded and messy. Its good as it is now.
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