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  1. Spagelo

    What is Hell

    Bipolar I
  2. Spagelo

    Am I weird for...

    No, you're content and wise. Am I weird for having my hairdresser style me after somebody who took the pictures I use in 1968 (and naturally had a really period-specific cut)?
  3. Spagelo

    Random thread

    Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
  4. Spagelo

    Things you got recently

    Lester Leaps In/Seamen's Mission - Ronnie Scott Orchestra (with Phil Seamen and Victor Feldman on drums) Esquire ‎- EP 31, 1955 pressing, 45 RPM vinyl disc Discogs, $11 Benny Goodman Rides Again - Benny Goodman Capitol - BD-57, 1947 pressing, four 78 RPM shellac discs (has 'Chicago' on side seven) Discogs, $20 Blue Ghost Blues/Life Saver Blues - Lonnie Johnson Okeh - 8557, 1927 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Ebay (Only two of these ever circulated, one sold twice), $24 Bewildered/I Know It's Love - Lonnie Johnson King - 4261, 1948 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $20 Les Yeux Noirs/Nuages - Quintette Du Hot Club De France (has Django Reinhardt) Swing ‎- SW. 88, 1940 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $21 Limehouse Blues/I Got Rhythm - Stephane Grappelly (Grappelli) And His Hot Four (also has Django) Decca - F.5780, 1935 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $20 Dirty Hands Dirty Face/My Mammy - Al Jolson Brunswick 3912, 1928 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Ebay, $16 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World / Waiting For The Robert E. Lee - Al Jolson Brunswick ‎- 03851, 1948 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $5 Lied Eines Jungen Wachtpostens (Lili Marleen)/Drei Rote Rosen - Lale Andersen His Master's Voice - E.G.6993, 1941 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $28 The Gypsy Davy/Barbara Allen - Woody Guthrie/Rebecca Tarwater Library Of Congress - AAFS 2, 1942 pressing, 78 RPM vinyl disc Discogs, $50 Painting The Clouds With Sunshine/Tip-Toe Through The Tulips - Jack Hylton And His Orchestra His Master's Voice - B 5722, 1929 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $9 I'll Do My Best To make You Happy/Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orchestra (with Al Bowlly) His Master's Voice ‎- B.6245, 1932 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Discogs, $45 Midnight, The Stars And You/An Hour Ago This Minute - Ray Noble And His Orchestra ‎(Al Bowlly) Victor ‎– 24700, 1934 pressing, 78 RPM shellac disc Ebay, $350 I've had money to spend (as well as time), and some of these were just too rare to let go. My aspirations to get my hands on that last one was what got me into record collecting, so I don't regret it. My wallet hurts, but my heart (and ears) tell me it was all worth it.
  5. Spagelo

    Am I weird for...

    No, for it can be argued easily that it'd divert focus. Am I weird for planning to spend an entire day speaking only in poetic verse (prewritten for every likely conversation I'd have), and never explaining why or even acknowledging it afterwards?
  6. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    At least you didn't say pre-2000, I'd be here all night. No order... There Will Be Blood Casino Royale (2006) The Dark Knight O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Lord of the Rings (2001-03) Spider-Man 2 Finding Nemo King Kong (2005) Kung Fu Panda The Departed Inception The Revenant Guardians of the Galaxy Toy Story Blade Runner 2049 Captain Phillips Avatar District 9 Taken 3:10 to Yuma V for Vendetta 300 (laugh all you want...) No Country for Old Men Django Unchained And technically, it's a show before it's a movie, but Ninja is justified in the exception. Cowboy Bebop is the best anime.
  7. Spagelo

    Post what you're doing right now

    Found two compilations with a good portion of the stuff in the SVF. The Hellenistic Philosophers (which has Epicurean and Pyrrhonist stuff for kicks) and The Stoics Reader. I'm tearing into the latter at the moment. Contrary to the recommendation of Chrysippus, I'm going with ethics before logic (at least fully; I do need some logic for ethics), but I'll do physics last. I need the ethics first and foremost, I think.
  8. Spagelo

    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to Ross' Stoa, Hidetora, I hope you brought your own papyri to take notes.
  9. Spagelo

    Introduce Yourself!

    Watch out for the giant spiders; they'll eat you like popcorn.
  10. Spagelo

    Post what you're doing right now

    Looking for English translations of Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta; I'm tired of just getting randomized quotes from the three old heads of that school, and I want to read the most complete fragment compilation available... but the only (supposed) English version I've found is in four volumes, each individually over $100. Why, oh why... Edit: Apparently, there is no English translation, I was confused. I have to track down each individual source in hopes that they, themselves are translated.
  11. Spagelo

    Discuss Your Philosophy

    Live according to nature, abide the gods of Socrates, and you will find virtue, where you will find peace.
  12. Spagelo

    Useless Advice

    You can't, Isis is immortal. And why would you want to do such a thing? Isn't she the patron saint of women and children? I still can't fly when I flap my arms, can anyone teach me?
  13. Spagelo

    Q & A Thread

    Fallout is all-time because it's sentimental, but there are others I hold dear to my heart. Would you get an Amphicar just to troll your passengers?
  14. Spagelo

    Am I weird for...

    Maybe, but he's easier to like than most characters in that franchise. I thought he was entertaining in the parts I didn't sleep through. Am I weird for still not being afraid to sleep in Golden Gate Park even after being taken into the joint for doing it?
  15. Spagelo

    Are you a lady or a gentleman.

    POCUgBSVENQ As requested...

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