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  1. Ended up being almost 10 GB. It's here if you're up for an hour of post apocalyptic exploration. On topic: Right now, I'm contemplating making a run for it and going home. Work on a Friday afternoon is just brutal.
  2. Encoding a video for upload to YouTube. Almost and hour long, 1920x1080 at 60fps, so it's rather big.
  3. You know, I was very skeptical of Windows 10, that's why I kept my old machine with 7, but after using it for like a month now, I think It'll be ok. I've disabled as much of MS's spyware as I could find, and have had no problems with unwanted reboots. Still a bit suspicious, but it's working.
  4. Oh damn, I missed it. Well, I'll watch the video. Good news about Freeman's mind, it's a modern classic.
  5. Thinking about docking mechanics in my new game. Tests are encouraging so far.
  6. Doing some physics tests for my new game.
  7. I'm thinking of making breakfast. Took a couple of days off work, so I believe I'll watch some news for now, then play a few games. Don't worry, we had an 8.8 a few years ago and made it. Plus, my new house is a freaking bunker
  8. I'm watching the news. We were hit by an 8.3 earthquake about an hour and a half ago, followed by a country-wide tsunami warning for all coastal areas. Doesn't seem to be a lot of damage though, we are one of the most heavily seismic countries in the world, so construction standards are very high.
  9. Contemplating doing some coding on my new game. I need a couple more enemies, maybe a trap, and the final boss. Then a quick devlog video, and finally begin the lengthy process of replacing every single placeholder piece of art, with their final version (done by people with actual artistic talent). If you're wondering how bad mine is, this is an example of the forest level.
  10. J.C.


    I just wanted to go on record saying that "Fear The Walking Dead" is a dumb title. How about "The Walking Dead: Downfall" or "The Walking Dead: End Times" or "The Walking Dead: Lifetime Movie of the Week Edition"? Someone needs to be fed to the zombies, pronto.
  11. I'm wondering if the second episode of Fear The Walking Dead (which is, by the way, a stupid, stupid name) is going to actually include some zombies.
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