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  1. GameGodOfAll


    Finally saw it. I actually went back and rewatched all the episodes in order one more time before finishing it off. God I loved this series. I can't believe it took me 4 days to watch the final episode I've been waiting forever to see, but I do this sometimes. When I reach the end of a series or something, I'll slow down towards the end or put it off for a day or two because I don't to be where I'm at right now, which is knowing I've seen the last of Freeman's Mind and there ain't no more. It's sad, but at the as time pure dumb joy. I don't comment on here too often, but I've been watching since the series has been in its teens and just wanted to stop by and write a little blurb. Thanks for the great series Ross. It's one of my favorite non pornographic things on the internet. Thank you and I look forward to whatever comes next.
  2. GameGodOfAll

    Freeman's Body Count

    Great job making this silverius.
  3. GameGodOfAll


    Oh man that ending. I actually cracked up. Damn. Really good episode Ross.
  4. GameGodOfAll

    Freeman's Mind Announcer Pack Trailer (for DOTA 2)

    Holy shit Ross this is amazing. I've never played DOTA, but I totally want to now.
  5. GameGodOfAll


    I'd still like to know if we watched it on blip more than once would that count as more views. I'd like to know how advertising and videos online work.
  6. GameGodOfAll


    Nice episode. Still feels weird not having to wait 6 months. Hey Ross, if I watch the blip link multiple times, would you benefit from that?
  7. GameGodOfAll


    Awesome! I can't believe we gt another one in such a short time. It feels weird.....and almost wrong. But good episode. Love all of Freeman's reactions, especially when he gets shot by the sniper. I am so damn happy this series is back.
  8. GameGodOfAll


    Not ashamed to admit I shrieked like a wee girl when I saw this up. The drought is over and FINALLY Freeman's Mind has come back to the internet!
  9. GameGodOfAll

    Those guys with the glasses

    To use the Youtube tags properly, place the video's code within the tags without the full URL, ie just the bit after the v=. Yeah thanks. I shoulda checked my post.
  10. GameGodOfAll

    Those guys with the glasses

    I can't take it anymore!
  11. GameGodOfAll

    Those guys with the glasses

    This wait is killing me, but I just know I'll burst into joy when it happens.
  12. GameGodOfAll

    Escape From Machinima

    YES! I am sorry it had to come to this and that you've had to put up with so much shit Ross, but I think we are all going to look back on this day and smile. Hopefully everything turns out okay with you and your financial situation. Being fresh out of college with no damn job and the loans coming at me like face huggers is tough, so I know what it is like to worry about paying for the basics. But you did the right thing just getting out while you could. Aside from some underhanded business deals, it just seems like Machinima is downright unprofessional with how everything went down. At the same time I like how you are handling it. You are going on a "Fuck you Machinima" rant. It speaks a lot for your character. Plus honestly if Freeman's Mind didn't start out on Machinima a lot of fans including myself just might not have ever caught it (especially the way youtube does business now). So here is to the future! PS don't worry about the videos coming out. Take your time and work at whatever pace the rest of your life allows......HOWEVER, if you could throw us one soon it sure would help with this withdrawal I've been having. The breakouts, itching and sickness has been horrible. Just one man. Just one.
  13. GameGodOfAll

    April News

    If I won the lottery I'd pay top dollar for Freeman's Mind episodes
  14. GameGodOfAll

    April News

    "Out of all the videos I’ve created however, I feel like this one is likely to appeal to Machinima.com’s target demographic more than any other." Rawr. Sad thing is you're right. Which is why we need you Ross. You appeal to the highbrow audience....or...the medium brow audience. I mean we're not that bad by comparison right? Anyway I loved this. This might be the best April Fool's video, but I'm not sure. I always did like that fake Freeman's Mind and the Halo one just for the biddy biddy biddy biddy guy. ......no we definitely are medium brow. Compared to the average Machinima audience, yes.
  15. GameGodOfAll


    MY FACE WHEN I FINALLY SAW THIS WAS UPLOADED: Great episode too. Probably because so much happened. I like the logic behind everything, though I think you (Ross) get some sick pleasure out of not picking up weapons, knowing full well that your fans will suffer. Can't wait for the next one. Gotta go watch this one 8 more times.

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