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  1. Dinosaur Planet was one of the games of my dreams during high school! Then they dumped Star Fox in it for no reason at ALL!
  2. Oh it is VERY OG XBOX era. Its this weird mashup of Max Payne, Halo , and Enders Game.
  3. I read very VERY outdated news from April of 2005 when Psychonauts completely flopped on release. Looking deeper, the game has a sequel coming out soon...LOL my bad. BUT I do like the game alot. Advent Rising was another massive flop from 2005 but it is quite a good game and Majesco is going to start updating the game on a regular basis.
  4. To add two more games to this list that I recently bought on GOG, Advent Rising and Psychonauts. Two very cool games that I am really enjoying. I do remember playing Psychonauts on PS2 in Iraq in 2005 but I never got to play the whole thing.
  5. I liked Arkham Origins alot! But yeah I remember the lack of enthusiasm and the hate around the Joker multiplayer. Good game though, very cool story.
  6. Anyone have any particular games that they enjoy but the general public, Media, or hardcore didn't? I really like Daikatana (with the 1.3 fan patch) and I enjoyed Quake 4 alot. Another game I played alot of that others didn't seem to care for was Goblin Commander.
  7. I vaguely, vaguely remember wanting this game for my OGXbox back in the day. Along with a never released game called Abducted that looked very cool. https://www.unseen64.net/2009/06/29/abducted-xbox-cancelled/
  8. I'd like to see some of those 2nd/3rd tier FPS games from the early 2000's get some reviews on the Dungeon. Ones that come to mind are mainly Pariah and Mace Griffin.
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