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  1. No! I missed it! I assume there is information about when the video chat will be and I failed to find it!
  2. I wish making this topic "solved" or simmilar, if that exists, I did not find such yet.
  3. I am dealing with sadness, I value Ross and with it (t)his community, it takes intelligence to udenrstand Ross, I just want a nice word from someone that I value, the best would be someone feeling with me. I do not want big textual messages, not much can be said that I do not know (and udnerstand already) and it would tire me up further. If you do answer - follow othograpy (spelling, whatever the therm on (perhaps "in") this language is called), otherwise I would find it disrespectful. Thank you!
  4. That is not what I thought, but thank you.
  5. Is that link in your signature the one I can follow? Is it up to date, and can translations be worked there? Also, I want to translate Game Dungeon first, I will probably not have time to translate much, probably not even a full series (of Game Dungeon).
  6. He said that? Man, I am one of those people, and it is super good thing, we need more of those people, not just here, people who are intelligent enough to recognize worth. Where did he said that? I need it!
  7. I want to do this but how would he know the time of the translations? If it is this sentence, or that sentence after it.
  8. I seriously want a lot more of you, we resonate, I assume the easiest thing would be a videochat.
  9. When I have time for it. By far the worst thing is writting time when they are used. Also, I want to translate Game Dungeons first.
  10. I found it! This is exactly like I would describe it! I even though if that was My account I had but forgot! Even though I looked everywhere, for years, and on Reddit, I did not find it! I love the one who asked and those who answered, also I love everybody on this website!
  11. Single-two player video game with Blue and Pink wizards players control. 3D, angled top-down with a camera that does not rotate but folows wizards. The first stage was inside a stone-brick dungeon, linear path, maybe lava was on the sides until the wall. You probably had two spells, but I surely remember basic attacks. You kill wasps, probably green slime blobs, and at the end of the stage a boss which I can not remember, but I remember it being sick. But I remember it was a (blue?) centipede that jumps around the path trying to kill the wizards. Or it was a boss in the preview, because once you beat the stage players get the preview of a content that was acessible only if they buy the game (or possibly just expansion to it), many stages and bosses I barely remember, I so much wanted to play them, it was so limiting. I still want to play them! You also break little cute fences/gates along the way that have those enemies inside and after. You can not go over, the game is linear, but you had some controll over the second axis, it is just that there is not much space there and the gates are occupying it all. I am waiting for a moment I will finally be able to play all stages. At least that is how I remember it, doubt anything I said. That was the time we played Fresco Wizard, a true masterpiece, I highly recommend to everybody. It is probably a video game from early two thousands, maybe even ate nineties. Maybe even made by Miniclip, I remember playing those. Was probably childish. It is probably nothing special but back in the days looked super wonderful. Chat GPT failed on this one. Maybe you (the community) will not.
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