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  1. Although he acted like a jerk and was paranoid (mentioned in episode 28) and an oxycodone addict, Freeman was mostly sane for the first 2 episodes and before. But after the resonance cascade, he started to become more and more mentally questionable and started doing negatively abnormal things like making jokes in a deadly situation. My theory is that he went crazy because of the situation and all the violence. Have you noticed this? I think this series is a "diary" by Ross to secretly tell us how he had a mental breakdown and became a morphine and oxycodone taker.
  2. Freeman's Mind 64. Only for Nintendo 64. Sorry guys, I had to.
  3. 2179- Ellen Ripley and Jones awaken after fifty-seven years of hypersleep.
  4. Sorry guy, it's been done many times by other people. No offence, maybe you should Google your series name before you start making it. People may just think you copied IRAMightyPirate's Barney's Mind. I advise you to just think of a random game and check if anyone has already done a Mind Series on it. Blazkowicz's Mind hasn't been done yet, for example. Although they're girls and might be hard to voice, a Half-Life: Decay mind series may also be possible.
  5. I like cheese. This thread is for talking about cheese. Please share your opinion on cheese above.
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