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This is just a small blooper that emerged in the last episode that made me throw out the whole take. Things like this can often happen, but it’s usually not so dramatic. I decided to record this one and release it.

Here’s the latest videochat with fans. I have some updates on the movie (it’s still on, I’ve just had some technical roadblocks), but mostly just a bunch of rambling. I’ll have more streaming this month along with (probably) more Freeman’s Mind.

Ask questions or suggest topics in the link here on reddit to be talked on for the next videochat at 5:00pm UTC on January 12th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. I’ll have an update on The Movie (short version is it’s absolutely still happening, but I’m not as far along as I’d wanted to be by now), and I’ll detail some misc. plans I have to try and get more done this year. Freeman and misc. videos I’ve been wanting to do are what’s planned next. I have Game Dungeon stuff I’m looking forward to, but that’s unlikely to happen this month since I’ve neglected FM for a long time due to the recording situation last year.

Freeman’s Mind returns! I never intended to have this long a gap between episodes, but with my recording situation upended for a good chunk of past year, that was the sole reason for the delay. Things have stabilized though and this year I hope to make up for the relative lack of Freeman. This one was a longer episode where I would have normally split it into two different ones, but I figured with there being such a long absence, it would be better to push it farther. It kind of showed in production to be honest, since I think I had to deal with more individual bug fixes than any other episode (though not as serious as others I’ve encountered before). That’s the magical Source engine.

Merry Christmas from the Game Dungeon! Maybe someday I’ll actually have a Christmas episode out a few days in advance, but that’s not happening this year. I think this one came out pretty well for what I had to work with. It certainly is a game.

Freeman’s Mind will be coming ASAP, but it will still be a few days due to me prioritizing this video to make it out in time. I hope to have streaming of something on my birthday on the 28th and a play session with fans (probably of Planetside 2) on Saturday 29th, but things are still a bit tight at the moment. 

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