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Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on July 7th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. 

Also, there will be a playsession with fans of Fortress Forever on Saturday, July 6th on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast also. I’ll post more details on that a little later.

After downloading Fortress Forever, you should be able to connect to the following:
server: AF Server
password: puppy
I’ll be joining on July 6th at 5pm UTC.

The Game Dungeon returns again! I never meant for there to be this large a gap between episodes, but here it is regardless. I have mixed feelings about this episode since I feel as though I should have edited more out of it, but there are special circumstances surrounding this one, as you’ll find out.

I’ll be having a playsession with fans playing Team Fortress Classic. The instructions are pretty simple. Launch the game in Steam, click “Find Server.”

Server name: AF Server
Password: puppy

I plan to primarily be playing “push” maps. The main ones I want to run are dustbowl and warpath, though we could also do avanti and hunted if people are interested. If you’ve never played TFC before, that’s no problem. I recommend playing soldier or heavy weapons guy if you’re unfamiliar with the game. The great thing about push-style maps is even if you don’t know any of the objectives, if you’re just moving in the same direction everyone else is and attacking the enemy, you’re still helping the team. The game should be easy to run, but running it in widescreen takes more work.

I’m playing TFC over TF2 since I was never crazy about the Pixar-style of TF2, plus I prefer how respawning is instant, so there’s no downtime waiting to come back into the game.

You’ll be able to view the game live tomorrow on June 22nd at 5PM UTC on twitch.tv/rossbroadcast.


Freeman’s Mind returns, again! I never meant for there to be this long a delay between this episode and the last one. If I had never made the “Games as a service” video, there would have been more out by now, but that felt like a necessary detour for me. There will still be more developments on that later, but I felt like getting the larger issue made more public was a more time-sensitive thing for me.

I ran into new errors I’ve never seen before in Source in this episode; I’m hoping they go away after this one. It’s a reminder why I don’t plan on doing anything else besides FM2 in the Source engine. This episode I think is the second-longest one also, just by coincidence. There’s also something that happens in the episode that wasn’t planned at all, but it was a great addition, so I left it in.

Ross’s Game Dungeon is coming up next, then more Freeman and other videos!

June videochat with fans.  Mostly casual questions, got to discuss a few dream game ideas, usual rambling. More Freeman’s Mind and Ross’s Game Dungeon coming soon, I swear!

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