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Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 6:00pm UTC on November 7th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. New Game Dungeon coming soon!

Halloween Game Dungeon! This is a game I was always considering making an episode of before, so this year I tackled the beast head on. Have a Happy Halloween! New special “Halloween hangover” episode coming in a few days!

First Halloween Game Dungeon! This is sort of a warm up to a bigger one coming soon! This may have more minor editing errors in it than perhaps any other episode, but I’ve been trying to break my perfectionist tendencies anyway so I have more time to eventually throw at the movie. Additionally, due to the way this video was made, fixing them would have delayed its release a full day and I have to push forward with the next one into Halloween!

More Halloween coming!

As a reminder, I’ll be doing a stream of Secret World: Legends tomorrow at 5pm UTC. I normally don’t announce the streaming sessions here (except in the upper right corner), but I was hoping to get a few more people to join in on this one to maybe do raid content. It’s free to play, but you may not be able to join in everything if you have a low level character, though I’ll do some stuff that lvl 1 people can do also.

In the game, we’ll meet at the fountain outside of the Templar building in London. My character name is Griddlecakes and I’ll be wearing a hazmat suit.


Freeman’s Mind 2! This took WAY too long, but a whole lot happened in the meantime to cause that. I wasn’t joking in the past when I said working on this affects where I can live due to the shouting, but everything seems to be back in place. I’ve also changed the thumbnail style, something I’ve been meaning to do for a year or two to be honest. I plan to retroactively change the others later on, but who knows when I’ll get to that.

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