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November videochat. Talked about twitter, billionaires, muppets, batman quotes, etc. This one went better than usual, I think. Still felt a little crazy after doing this, but there were some good topics this time. It went on too long again.

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on November 19th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. No real news to report since last time, just been working on a lot of small things + a larger side video I’ve been meaning to do for a while. For those who have “Tr-Trickstyle” stuck in your head now, it’s happened to me too.

Trickstyle! This ended up taking me MUCH longer than I anticipated, but as you’ll see, it has some bonuses in it that help make it worth it. I also ran into editing errors AGAIN using completely different codecs this time. I really need to figure out what the hell is going on and whether to blame Bandicam, Handbrake, Premiere, or everyone.

This is the 3rd “countdown” video out of 9 or 10, after which I’m going to go all-in on the movie for a while.

October videochat with fans. I rambled too much again and forgot to leave the door more open so enough air got to my brain. Several good questions, new Game Dungeon coming!

Halloween Game Dungeon! This was supposed to come out 1-2 days ago, but it’s before Halloween, so it’s still less under the wire than normally. This game was definitely an experience, not what I expected.

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