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I’m postponing the next videochat until I have a new video out. It’s bugging too much that there hasn’t been one yet. I’ve had 2 videos voiced and recorded for weeks (semi-done), but I haven’t finished them off, since I’ve transitioned to getting more help. This means I can work on more things, but individually, the videos go slower, since I can’t push other people crunch-mode style the way I can push myself.

In the past, I would have just said hell with it and gone and done everything myself, but that mentality is probably what’s led me to falling behind so much over the years, because it takes time away from the other videos. I’m having to fight all my instincts to NOT do that.

I know it really doesn’t seem like it, but I think this is going to lead to more videos in the long term. As an update, here’s what’s happening:

Freeman’s Mind 2 Ep. 17 - Voiced and recorded for weeks, waiting on sound effects
Next Ross’s Game Dungeon - Voiced and recorded, partially edited, waiting on audio / video help, one person may or may not be sick
Side Video #1 - Still a lot to do, this one is ambitious, been approaching it slowly
Side Video #2 - Was getting bottlenecked because of me, hope to un-jam soon, a lot has been done already
Freeman’s Mind 2 Ep. 18 - footage recorded, started doing dialogue
Next Next Ross’s Game Dungeon - Started on some footage and preliminary work, will probably finish up more stuff before I do more on this.

This is driving me a little crazy (not the people helping me, just it being SO LONG since I’ve had a new video), since if I was doing everything myself, I’m pretty sure I would have 2 new videos by now, but NOTHING done ahead of them. So I’m trying to be smart about this. My instincts are not to be smart about this.

Sorry about all the delays, this will get resolved one way or another.

April videochat with fans. My current video schedule is a trainwreck, but I’m still putting it back together. I rambled too much again, but there were some interesting topics. I accidentally had an echo of everything at one point, but it went away after 30 seconds to a minute. New videos coming ASAP.

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on April 2nd at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. My original plans lie smoldering in ruin and I’m embarrassed how there still isn’t a new video yet. I don’t think there’s been a gap this long since the original Civil Protection episodes, I was considering cancelling the videochat because of it. I’m still optimistic though, there are 4 partially done videos and all involve help from others, so I can’t say which is coming next, but I’m working stuff every day. I still think I’ll be able to make up for the long lull lately.

I had another interview, mostly Valve related questions. His format was a 1v1 deathmatch at the same time. I didn’t really like the format since I’m poor at multitasking, but the interview went fine.

Some links to voice actor impersonators I mentioned in the interview:

Back to the Future game with a Marty impersonator:

Star Trek game trailer with a Spock impersonator:

March videochat with fans. There were some problems with OBS where it WOULD NOT display the full chat window, suspect it’s something to do with Windows DPI settings, will try and fix it for next time. Rambled too much again. More videos still coming!

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