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Dead Game News! I wasn’t even sure about making more of these, but this news was so big and there was so much to talk about here, I felt like I had to. I plan to make a followup video to the “Games as a service is fraud” video also, which this overlaps a bit with, but there was so much here I thought it was enough for a video in itself. It’s worth mentioning this did NOT delay the next Freeman’s Mind episode, the dialogue on that is done, I’m waiting for sound effects back on those, my guess is that will be out pretty soon. More videos coming!

Here’s the September videochat with fans. I was low on sleep during this one since I was still recovering from finishing the Trackmania episode. This one was more of a blur to me, so the rambling ratio is probably worse than usual. Nothing too important here, just that Freeman’s Mind is going to be the priority for a while and I’ll slowly figure out everything else hopefully.

Here is the latest Game Dungeon! I thought this was going to be a shorter episode, but I ended up having multiple discoveries that made it balloon into what you’ll see here. This is easily the most pro-desert video I’ve done or likely will do. Contains a bonus scandal!

Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on September 1st at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. Should have a new video out before then!

Here’s the August videochat with fans. This went on a lot longer than I anticipated, but had a good discussion, lots of good questions and topics this time. There’s also a bunch of links to things discussed in the video in the video description.

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