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I was able to get access to a webcam recently, and thought some of you might find this comparison interesting. I’ve seen some comments for Freeman’s Mind saying how my voice doesn’t sound like how they think Freeman’s should, well at I at least look the part:

It’s not exact, but Freeman has about 2 years on me, plus he’s fictional. Anyway, work is progressing on the next Civil Protection episode and I’m hoping to have another Freeman’s Mind episode before the end of the month.

EDIT: I don’t think I’ll have a new FM episode out by March afterall, but only because I’m working on the next CP episode.

  1. I gotta say that you are almost spot on! Get some thicker glasses and the Hazard suit with a crowbar and your set!

  2. You can play in some Half-Life movie ;D

  3. Did you know that the graphics designer who designed Gordon Freeman gave his own face to him. For one moment i thought it was you … funny thing.

  4. Holy. F*cking. Sh*t.

  5. lol awewsome, my adv PE teacher looks like gordon to he even has the same last name. but your pick takes the cake

  6. I bet you would make a great cosplayer.

  7. you fit the part just gain a few pounds in muscle on the face and trim the go-te what does the guy who does Dave look like i picture him as a guy with a permanent look of cluelessness and a smile on his face:)

  8. Holy crap

  9. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! freeman is real!!

  10. LOL at first post

  11. Better Lookalike lol i would pick up my game and drop dead laugh at them and tell them how stupid they look haahaha

  12. That’s a ridiculously uncanny similarity… Anyway, love CP and FM, keep up the excellent quality of entertainment.


  13. Omg

  14. Do you have the big orange suit as well ?

    Looking forward to the next civil protection… i am ninja !

  15. Dude! That is all sorts of awesomeness!!!!!! :) :)

    Is that really you?

    Great work on Civil Protection and Freeman’s Mind by the way. I’m a huge fan of the series :)
    Good luck with the upcoming episodes and a Happy Easter!


  16. You don’t look like Freeman, you ARE Freeman.

  17. wow…go figure, the guy doing the voice for freeman looks like him LOL.

  18. LOL nice… you just need top and bottom rimmed glasses!

  19. omg half-life is coming true run for your lives. also more civil protection please.

  20. wow u do look like him! keep up the good work. i love freemans mind and civil protection. they both make me laugh so hard i almost cry!

  21. Hey im saying hello from Uruguay and i want to tell you i like your work and i want to know when is the new C.P. comming out?

  22. I agree That you have a resemblence to him. But you know what, if there is ever a Half-life movie, Think Aaron Stanford or “Pyro” from the X-Men movies could play the part of Freeman. He especially looked like him when he played Doug Bukowski in
    “The Hills Have Eyes”

  23. Also after closly examining the portrait I have to say you look more like Freeman, but the thing the you and Aaron don’t have is the nose and the green eyes

  24. That’s just about scary. If there’s ever a movie like bursoft said, you should try to apply for that part! LOL.

  25. I can’t tell which is which! Awesome
    Good luck on the videos, looking forward to the next installments

  26. Holyshit

  27. hah! when they make the hl movie:D sign up for an audition:D
    can’t wait for the next cp episode!:D good luck!

  28. man spring brake is over and it sux bein bak in 11th grade, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring man, anywaythe face comparson is shokingkly reeeeel. do u nom if u wana make a new fm apisode, the last 1 wuz hilarrious, “LASER! caution, LASER! CAUTION, LLLAAAAAASER!,,,, what could it mean?”

  29. Now that’s just creepy. Anyways, good luck with your next CP episode.

  30. Wow that is a pretty close similairity. I never got to comment on the other freeman’s mind cus I have been afk for the past few weeks. Props to you sir on that episode. It pulled a bunch of luaghs out of me. Can’t wait for the next CP. Good luck!!

  31. Impressive, if you told me that Valve used your portrait to design Freeman, I’d believe you without a doubt.

  32. Wootacious!

  33. LOL, thats just cool!

  34. HO-LEE-CRAP! UR RIGHT!(Ep 3 Quote) You look just like Freeman. Did you do that on purpose?

  35. Wow. You look like him! Damn!

    Okay what the hell? :D

  36. on fm episode 3, after the ,erm,, experiment goes rong and frreeman is teleportd to the circle with the aliens, he says “who r u? NO, i dont wanna be a —–” WHAT does he say, “SKITZAFRANK is wat poped in my head, plz anser bak im confused……..

  37. It’s “schizophrenic”, a person with a type of psychological disorder. I understand no one on Youtube can spell this word.

    Basically the idea is that what he’s experiencing is so crazy, one conclusion he’s coming to is that maybe he has schizophrenia.

  38. Great video. I expected the 3rd video to be very good, but this is beyond allmy expectations.

    Could not help to note that there are 4 types of schizophrenia (although there is some debate about it)

    Undifferentiated, Catatonic, Disorganized and Paranoid.

    I would say that flashing pictures and random monster would put him into a Disorganized category, although the rationality is closer to Paranoid.

    Yah.. My Introduction to Psychology class is paying for itself. Although I am learning to be a Physicist.

  39. thx for that, wer was confused

  40. That’s just straight up crazy. Next you’re gonna get a girlfriend that looks just like Alyx (I’m not sure that’s the name) and move to New Mexico.

    Congratulations on winning the Nerdy-Genetic lottery.

  41. Holy crumb! If I didn’t know any better I would say those pictures had to be photoshopped. Bring out the trusty crowbar and next we may have a full-scale alien invasion!

  42. Wow… You look almost exactly like him. I suppose the main reason people think Freeman’s voice is different than your’s is because they assume he’s got a badass action hero voice, and while he is a badass, people should remember he’s a physicist. Albeit a physicist that’s handy with all manner of firearms, but still, a physicist. If you were stuck in the situations he goes through, wouldn’t you complain a bit too? I think you’re doing a great job with CP and FM, keep up the good work!

  43. u lack the badassness

  44. The graphics desginer may have givvenhis face to freeman, but about 3 other faces were mixed in.

  45. ciaran: Actually you’re wrong. There was no editing done to the picture, that’s how I look. I admit that I did cheat and try to align my head at the same angles as Freeman however.

  46. Holy crap, that’s awesome. Do you have a girlfriend? ;)

  47. Emily: Ha, no, but I’m looking more like Guy Fawkes this days.