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I was hoping to have the next video up by now, but since that’s taking a little longer than I planned, here’s some more news of what’s going on instead. One of the reasons I was hesitant about leaving before was because I wasn’t sure where else to go, since the larger problem behind all the changes was Youtube itself. Thanks directly to people in the forums recommending other sites for me to check out, I’ve decided to join the “That Guy With The Glasses” network. is the spawn of Doug Walker (pictured above), more famously known as “The Nostalgia Critic” where he is known for analyzing bad movies and ripping them apart piece by piece. I had seen some of his videos before, but never realized he had his own network. It turns out my videos qualify for this group, because Freeman also wears glasses, so we’re all good. So far my contact with TGWTG has been quite positive. They’re run by a small group of people (I’m told 7) that all have all known each other a long time. There’s no sinister contract for me to sign, and they’re not even taking a cut of my income (I’m assuming they make up the difference on their site). Most of all, they don’t give me a heavy feeling in my stomach the way reading the new contract from did, which counts for a lot. I don’t need ulcers.

The next episode of Freeman’s Mind will be appearing on their network, which is essentially wherever I want to post the videos. It will be be appearing first on, a competing network to Youtube (and about 1/1000th the size). This allows me to form an escape plan from some of the madness going on with Youtube. New episodes will also be appearing on my Youtube channel (I’ll make a new post here as soon it’s up), but in the long term, I may try and focus newer videos towards Right now the next episode has been uploaded to and I am currently waiting to hear back when it will go up. I’ll make an update here as soon as I know. More videos are coming!


ADHD version: Freeman’s Mind is still coming, but will appear in new places! Check back here later for links to the next episode!


I’ve gotten a reply back from The next FM episode has been rejected by them on the following grounds:

Poor audio: We took a look at your show and concluded that improving the audio quality would really help you get to the next level. Consider taking some time to improve your sound setup and reapply. We’re eager to hear from you again!

I spent hours volume balancing the tracks and it has custom sound effects. I don’t know if they don’t like my mix, don’t like HL1 sounds or what. I’m currently trying to get a more specific answer.



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