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Adr1ft felt like more of a tech demo than an actual game, but that's not to say it has no redeeming qualities. The gameplay is mostly repetitive fetch quest type objectives, where you go collect/activate something and then return to the hub to repeat the process in a different area. The controls are also a little difficult to get the hang of, and there's a constant need to monitor oxygen as well as repair your damaged spacesuit. The story only takes about 3 hours to complete, but you unlock a free-roaming mode after where you can explore all the maps without the obnoxious gameplay mechanics.


The main positive thing about Adr1ft is the environment — a space station that's been shredded to pieces in low earth orbit. The amount of detail and care the developers put into the visuals and atmosphere is awesome! Definitely an underrated title for that alone. I can only imagine what it's like in VR.


I'd give it a 5/10.

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