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This one's okay, nothing too amazing, overly grindy if anything.


Biggest downside is, that you need credits to buy a whole army. Did you lose your army in a mission? Are you completely bankrupt?

Sorry sucker, you have to grind for money again. This gameplay is very anti fun.


I'm pretty sure it's always Online. It has a secondary currency, diamonds. This is not a singleplayer focused game, and it's not really a strategy game either, you pilot a plane, which can turn into a mech, and you can buy units, and send them to capture outposts, but that's more or less it.


It would be a fun game, if it wasn't for the absurd grinding curve, and the game is just ultra unfair, and overly punishing, if you fuck up very often.


I wouldn't recommend this one, only try it if you have a friend who's willing to help you out, otherwise as a solo game, it's not very fun.

If you are some kind of masochist, I guess it's alright, but to me, this game is pretty mediocre as is.

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