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Beware is currently in early access but despite its unfinished state, story-wise, Beware is a game that effectively combines racing, stealth, and horror together to trigger that classic driver's anxiety of being chased at night.


Explore a wide open world set in what appears to be an eastern European country town with swamps, acres, trailer parks, farms, and forests where information about the sinister backstory of the game can be found. The driving is tough to handle on the slippery and muddy roads and stealth is essential for you will surely not survive for long with attention drawn to yourself. Turn off your headlights. Drive slowly. Hide out of sight.


The game is beautiful when you aren't being chased; a finely crafted world by Ondrej Svadlena who also composed the badass and intense 70s music that plays during chases and fades into the sound of rain pattering on your windshield and gravel being flung by your wheels when you aren't being chased. There is also a day and night cycle present, however this is only for aesthetics at the time of this post.


Ondrej Svadlena has a YouTube channel where he documents the development process of Beware, and also a Patreon where an actively updated version of the game is provided to supporters every month.

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