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I play Boundless. I was a past player of a game that didn't even make it out of alpha before being shut down by its publisher, called "SkySaga". Boundless was basically my go-to after SkySaga's demise. Shame that such an amazing game was put down.


Boundless is pretty fun. It's kinda "minecrafty" but it's only multiplayer. The worlds regenerate in unclaimed territory, so there's no real fighting for resources. My major issue with it is that your builds are always protected if you set up a beacon (which lets you claim territory), but if that beacon expires, which is done by being idle for longer than it's fuel duration, you lose everything because that world regeneration kicks in. There's no way to have any sort of private plots or anything like that, so you have to remember to log in at least once every 3 weeks or so to refuel your beacon. Luckily fuel is super easy to make and requires no grinding. This game is sort of like an RPG. The reason I say this is because there are big cities and stuff, but the catch is that all of the players run the cities, there's no NPC-run stuff. If you own a huge city with citizens, or even a small settlement, the players that live with you can refuel the beacon on their own, which ensures the longevity of societies. Basically, the probability of you losing your stuff by being gone too long decreases exponentially with each person you have living in your plot, assuming they fuel the beacon too.


I like the game, it's neat.

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