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I believe that they will add AI in the future.
But we will have to wait for more announcements to see what the game will have on release.


I think that this game could be good for a play session with fans (of cournse if it gets reasonably low price or when it gets high discount)

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I don't think buying the games for the play sessions alone is worth it, I'd rather stick to the free stuff instead.


Anyway I do want to play this game, but from the screenshots alone it looks like it'll get boring quickly, if you suck at it.


It looks like a really complicated game, and it's probably going to have a fairly small but hardcore audience, which I'm not a fan of, as I'd rather not get obliterated, by the other players, while I try to figure it out.


I'm really weary of multiplayer games generally, but I'm interested. If this game fails to gather a casual audience though, it wouldn't surprise me if it ended up being a collosal failure for them. This game is a very risky buy.

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