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Great space sim/arcade game & highly tolerable for a rogue type. The best part of this game to me were the controls made me feel like 

I truly was in a zero gravity environment.

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Everspace is a pretty good space/arcade sim with roguelike elements. It's also a very pretty game to look at, and runs quite well on even older systems. Additionally, the roguelike elements are worked in with the game's storyline, so it doesn't feel like you are starting over each time you die (because you will die. A lot); on the contrary, you can only upgrade your ship and perks after you've died and gone back to the hanger. I found it to be the right mix of challenging without being too punishing. Generally, unless you are really unlucky, mistakes can often be mitigated with powerups and other drops that you find on each map. Make too many mistakes though, and it can be very hard to come back. 


I also liked that after you beat the game once (i.e. get to the end akin to FTL warp points/chapters), the game continues and gives you new objectives that you can carry out, which I found improved its replayability. The space flight and controls feel great - arcade-like (think less Elite Dangerous and more Freespace 2) and very responsive, while still feeling like you are in space. Lots of interesting weapons and equipment power ups that you can get, and I found that the game was good about making different weapons have their uses in certain situations, without feeling like there was one "ultimate" weapon...That is until you unlock a perk which gives you a special weapon that you start the run with, and which when combined with several other perks basically makes the game play itself.


I also really enjoyed the side quests and characters that you meet, with some funny and entertaining dialogue and cutscenes along the way. Overall, very great game which is worth giving a try, especially if you like space sims.

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