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Ok in general a good game  played like 20-30h.

+ Its reminds me of FTL just in 3D   

+ Good atmosphere

+ Price is ok

-  Replay value is medium because there is a grind element in it

-  There is a restriction how big you ship can grow

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GAO is a pretty fun game, but I found that it gets very repetitive and has limited replay value, but I also haven't played this for awhile so I'm not familiar with how much has changed. Agree with the other user that it feels like FTL but in 3D. Very fun to build up your ship, upgrade it and your crew, and also defend against attackers and other threats. However, it doesn't take very long for this to feel very repetitive as you see the same enemies over and over again.


Additionally,  the difficulty seems to range to very difficult, to insultingly easy. If you get boarded by pirates early on, you're screwed. But if you are allowed time to upgrade and lucky with some rare minerals at the start, you can quickly become way more powerful than any of the enemies in the game. The ending mission is also always the same, and very underwhelming


I'd say that GAO is worth playing, but not something I'd necessarily go out of my way to do so.

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