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Do you like stormy, cold winters?

Have you ever survived through cold weather that was bad enough it could have killed you had you not been prepared?


My subjective experience (context): It was February 2021 during the freeze that hit the US's southeast. No work, no going outside. I found this game while specifically searching for atmospheric snow games. It wasn't just because of the freeze. I was looking for something that revived what I felt when I hiked the Grand Canyon at night during winter.  So I was super pumped for a submersive winter experience.

This game ended up being pretty darn satisfying for me. I love the fact that it exists.

The best way to play it is cozying up and getting hot chocolate/tea/whatever during a cold night, at least for me.


Gameplay: No combat. The goal is to NOT freeze with very limited resources while you reach your next objective. One of my favorite aspects is that the game gave me a great sense of control: finding my shelter is up to me and how I use my tools. There are buildings you can choose to leave completely exposed to the elements, or you can make them your safe haven. 


Difficulty: You can adjust the difficulty. On normal, despite its survival aspect, you get plenty of time to slow down take it all in. You may die once or twice. 


Environment: you're supposed to be at one of the poles (can't remember if it was the N or S pole) during a very stormy night, and that's what it feels like!


Music: It was not memorable, not bad, just atmospheric and it did its job.


Length: you can finish this game in one cozy night, about 2-3 hours.


Overall: 7/10 for me. While it could be more, it's a pretty decent winter experience and a keeper for my winter rituals.


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