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R-Type Final 2 is not the worst, but I’d caution Ross against it. R-Type games are not the most beginner friendly. Like most R-Type games, R-Type Final 2 features one-hit deaths with checkpoint restarts. That can be kind of frustrating if you’re not into it.


R-Type Final 2 itself is kind of controversial for fans- a mixed bag game. It is kind of a side-grade in quality compared to R-Type Final (PS2), and the overall R-Type series. Parts of Final 2 look like an untitled Unreal Engine 4 project compared to the detail present in other R-Type games, Like Final 1 or Delta. The word is though, Final 2 gets better in design and visuals the later stages though. The Color looks great, but there’s also a healthy amount of bloom.


If you still want to give Final 2 a shot, then here’s an obscure helpful link that gives an upgrade tree for the player’s ships in Final 2. There are over 70 different player ships in the game, so this might be more useful than you’d initially think.


Similar games that I’d recommend over R-Type Final 2:


G-Darius (1997) / G-Darius HD Steam Release: TBD

I honestly think you’d have more fun with G-Darius. G-Darius offers a 3D side scrolling shooting experience with more interesting stages, an mechanic to possess enemy ships and massive cyborg fish bosses. This game is also more forgiving, giving you shields and screen clear bombs. This game is also continue-friendly; This game does not use a checkpoint system, letting you start back where you are when you die/continue. When you die, you only get a downgrade in power, not a reset to zero. This game is good if you want to credit feed though for fun and see all the different stages.


Steel Empire (Steam)

Steampunk-themed side-scrolling shooter. Excellent for 2D shooting game beginners. It is a 2D game, but had a Nintendo 3DS port that had a really good 3D depth effect with the background, but unfortunately, this was not translated into any sort of VR support. Otherwise, the steam version is the definitive version of this game.

Super Hydorah (On Ross’s List)

R-Type Delta (Playstation 1)

This game a fan favourite R-Type game. It's very hard, but looks beautiful. Compare the detail in the environments in this game to footage of R-Type Final 2. I'd say in areas its stylistically superior to Final 2 despite being on the Playstation 1. It has more detail and soul.

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