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I'd say avoid this one for the time being. The core game is solid but issues need to be addressed such as;

-horrid AI pathing

-balance issues (so far only the starting apostle is actually worth playing from what I've seen)

-losses to your swarm are often inevitable unless you front load it with crabs 

-fuck the flamethrower dude

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Mixed feelings about this one.


One one hand I love the theme. It's really fun amassing a horde of deep sea creatures and lovecraftian horrors.


On the other - gameplay. It's one of those 'group of creatures follow a single point'. It never felt like I was controlling a horde, more like watching chaos unfold. When you take inevitable losses due to AoE fire attack, there is little point of carrying on. Better to just restart and hope pathfinding behaves better next time.


The whole time I was thinking how much better it would be with RTS-like controls, managing multiple types of creatures via control groups, flanking and generally more tactical approach to encounters.

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I played this for a short while before losing interest.

The concept is cool, the art direction is great and I'm a sucker for a good Lovecraftian set.

Now this should have been a "power fantasy" setting but instead you lose your swarm easily and there is no comeback, only a "restart level".
Wrong concept for the wrong type of game. Would play again with a god-mode cheat.

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