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A short and sweet adventure game in 8 screens/levels (the level select says 9, but 'level' 5 is just a cutscene).  Well worth the few minutes spent loading and playing.


There's also a sequel, Shapik: The Quest 2 AKA Shapik: The Moon Quest.  A demo is available on Game Jolt while the full version is on Steam.  Sadly I can't get the demo working on my Linux machine.



The music and slightly foreboding atmosphere is solid, while the character design is contrastingly cute.


Mild Complaints:

Walking around is node based, but you can only move one node at a time.  Luckily this is only really noticeable in levels 7 and 8.


Level 8 has 3 puzzles, and I hate how the 2nd solution is mostly guesswork while the other two only make sense in hindsight.  It's not sadistic moon logic (just a series of passwords) but they're easily the most frustrating puzzles in the game.


The story isn't too conclusive:


little sibling/friend gets kidnapped, we rescue them, and maybe steal the villain's vehicle?  The villain doesn't even seem that upset, just miffed that we woke them up in the process.


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