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Ross's notes: Short, but I liked it.  Kind of annoyed I couldn't figure out how to get the alternate ending.

Genre: Strategy

Ross's rating: Good/Great

Link to game: https://www.gog.com/game/symmetry

Free to play: No

GaaS: No

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It looked neat from the screenshots, but after I got to play it, most of the mechanics were pretty artificial, and from my own memory, it just gets obnoxiously tedious and overly difficult. I personally hated it, but maybe other players had a good time with it.


It just takes forever to do anything, as your characters take five thousand years to walk anywhere, and every action just feels like, it has to be 100% precise, it feels like I need to follow some optimal strategy to not completely fuck up, I think the gameplay is way too unforgiving, if you don't know exactly what to do.


I think it's too difficult for it's own good, and the gameplay is really repetitive, I didn't find it very engaging.

I doubt there's more levels, beyond the first one you get into.

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