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An indie game from a one-man-studio which isn't too bad. It takes about 3 hours to complete and the gameplay is comparable to the original DOOM games, in that you only shoot enemies and occasionally interact with objects. The main focus is the story, which is a little hard to follow as it jumps between trying exploring subjects like philosophy, the afterlife, mental illness, etc.


Not great, not bad. Impressive for something made by one person.


6/10 because it has a punk rocker rat girl.

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The game had a nice atmosphere.

I remember enjoying the gameplay and music. The story -  not as much.


I think I missed an npc conversation and got the bad ending, which might have left a sour taste in my mouth. 

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Surprisingly, I really liked this game. May be I will be in a minority, but I thought the story was the strongest part. The gameplay is pretty good as well.

The music is one of the best OSTs I've heard in this style.

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