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This will be the webpage devoted to the Civil Protection video series. I’ve just finished the first episode which you can download from the link above. As for the series, it’s inspired by the oppressive policing force within the game Half-Life 2. It’s a comedy created using the game engine itself to animate everything. Right now I am the writer, animator, director, producer, cinematographor, editor... pretty much everything you see in the episode is my fault. This episode does contain some language and violence, but it’s not much worse than a PG rating.

It was a real pain to learn the SDK and animate all this, so I won’t be starting on another episode immediately. Not that you have any frame of reference, but the next one should go much more quickly since a lot of the time was spent on learning everything. Whenever I start on it again, that is. I need a break, I’m practically dreaming about those spooky metal helmets that the CP units wear. Anyway, feel free to contact me or post comments about whatever.

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