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Well here’s the new episode finally. This episode is meant to be a “normal” episode for the series, something I’m not sure I’ve even done before. You should understand I’m always about 10-12 episodes ahead of where the series is actually at in my mind. After the last episode, I felt like I really owed you guys a normal episode, so you didn’t have any misgivings as to where I was going with the series. I plan for there to be some variety in the episodes, but if you ever wonder what direction I’m taking the series in the future, just come back and look at this one. It’s meant to be an anchor point in terms of style and tone for the series. While I plan to make some episodes that are scary, have a lot of action, more surreal, require a longer attention span, have a much more involved story, etc., the series will eventually come back to episodes similar to this one. It’s not my most impressive idea or even original one (I steal a bit from my own material as far as plot), I think it’s one people will like who are a fan of the series.

I’m very pleased with how it came out, though it still kind of sickens me how long it took to make. Animation is really a black hole in terms of time when it comes to these videos. Also just to clarify, I have not been working on this nonstop since the last episode, if I had, it probably would have come out sometime last year. On that note, Freeman’s Mind is next, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Episode 12 comes out next week.

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