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Okay, here is the GOOD version of the trailer available to watch or for download. I’m kind of boycotting the old Youtube version simply because it’s unfinished. The visuals are the same on both versions, though they made me add a pumpkin graphic to some contest they’re conducting, I removed that for the downloadable copy.

The real difference between these trailers is in the audio, which can be crucial to setting mood. Thanks goes to Otto Beumelburg (I frequently misspell his name) for the great sound effects and most of the audio mixing and Craig Kesicke for composing great custom music for the trailer; both of whom had extremely short notice on this. You’ll be hearing more of Craig Kesicke’s music in the future as there are situations that I require custom music for, plus there’s some drama going on surrounding my use of game soundtracks, but I’ll save that for a separate post.

Now about the trailer itself! This is NOT the best trailer I could have made, however it’s one of the safest. While it’s impossible to make a trailer that’s spoiler-free, I took pains to make sure this one didn’t reveal too much about the episode. There are major scenes of the episode that aren’t shown at all here and there should be plenty of surprises throughout the entire episode once it gets completed. Not only that, but I wasn’t really ready to begin filming, so I just dropped the work I was doing and made a lot of snippet shots. There’s a high probability almost none of the exact same shots you see here will be in the actual episode. On top of that, I changed a line or two of the dialogue so it would flow better and the joke at the end was made up for the trailer as well, it’s not even part of the episode (because most jokes are less funny once you’ve already heard them). While the plot and theme will remain the same, several lines are delivered in completely different areas or context. My goal here was to give you a reason to watch the actual episode if you’ve already seen the trailer (and vice-versa once it comes out). So if you want NO spoilers, don’t watch the trailer, but if you do, rest assured it doesn’t spoil much.

When the episode does get completed, it will be both comedy and suspense and will likely be the longest episode of CP made so far, probably at least 15 minutes. While there will be humor throughout the episode, the jokes won’t be as constant as some others because there will be more emphasis on developing the story. And while the episode will start out in the same location as “Shadow of a A Doubt” it is not meant as a sequel to it. I honestly don’t know when it will be done since I’ve been so busy with other work, but I can guarantee it won’t be rushed out the door.

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