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Well the new episode is finally out, it took about 1-2 weeks longer than it should have for a lot of different reasons and has been the most problematic release so far for several other reasons. This episode contains an enormous amount of custom content I hunted down on the internet, as you’ll see in the credits. So thanks to everyone who let me use their maps, models, and textures. The tone of this episode is a little different than the others as it was intended for an environmental contest that ended up getting postponed, but I’m releasing it anyway. It’s a little fact-heavy as a result, most of the humor is towards the end. My primary reason for making this though was an excuse to use a one-liner I’d had in my mind for a while (the “hybrid car” one). And for those wondering, I took the corny title from the old computer game by the same name.

You should by no means assume anything said in Civil Protection or Freeman’s Mind necessarily reflects my own beliefs, however this is one case where they do. The theme of this episode is how we’re in big trouble once we run out of oil. The research I did on the topic suggest that things are going to get pretty ugly in the future. One expert interviewed by National Geographic says that the world oil supply is plateauing right now and we have about 6-8 years before it will start to decline and this guy was right on the money about when the U.S. was going to be be unable to rely on domestic oil back in the 70’s. Besides what Mike mentions in the video (I won’t spoil it), I think our only realistic solution is figuring out how to get cellulosic ethanol production to work on a mass scale (this isn’t the same kind made from corn, sugar, and other crops). I’m not really a miltia type, but the more I read about the situation, the more it makes me want to live in a cabin out in the woods with guns and a bunch of canned goods. That would be a good place to be if society starts to fall apart. It’ll be at least 10-20 years before things really get bad though.

If you hate this episode and think it’s being too preachy, don’t worry, this is probably the first and last episode of CP with any sort of “message”. I’d rather focus on making funny, strange, or exciting videos anyway. Finally, check back in a few days and I’ll have an update about what you can expect in the future with regards to CP and FM.

EDIT: I forgot ANOTHER person in the credits!  Oh well, his nickname is “JakeyB” and he did the port of “The Postal Dude” model I used as a cameo in this episode.

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