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After numerous delays, here is Episode 4 at last. This one is clearly a step above the previous ones in terms of production quality and I hope everyone enjoys it. This episode has nice motion blur, mobile camera shots, scenic backgrounds, and more action than the previous 3 combined. This was originally meant to be Episode 5, but since the numbering is arbitrary anyway, it may as well be 4. I’ve switched the video hosting to filefront since I wouldn’t have enough space for this on my student account. As always, there’s the Youtube versions, but for this episode especially, it’s worth getting the high quality copies.

If you missed my previous post, I was griping about how much time this took for things that I think could be expediated. For that reason, I’m putting the series on hold until I find a faster way of producing these. I’m not going to be aimless; I do have some ideas, they’ll just take me time to research. I’ll make another post here once I’ve started up again. Until then, don’t wonder when the next episode is coming out because it’s on hold for now. And finally, to engage in some shameless hint dropping, I DO have work right now, but it will not be steady, so the future is uncertain, though the same could be said for everyone.

High Quality version (92MB)

Youtube version (streaming)

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