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Freeman’s Mind! There ended up being a longer delay on this than I intended, but I don’t think the quality was hurt any. I’m still having some hang ups with the Source engine, as there are multiple behind the scenes fixes going on with this episode. Primarily, demo playback seems to have no consistency at all. Depending on what values I use when playing it back, I can have a combination of stuttering for the following situations:
-Turning the mouse
-NPC movement
-some dynamic objects playing animations
-Cutscene camera movement

So far, I’ve mostly minimized the first three, but can’t seem to have EVERYTHING play back smoothly. Stuff like this is why I abandoned the Source engine for my other projects. If anyone has greater insight as to how demo playback works, you’re welcome to contact me, though if you have suggested values, you may want to test them yourself in HL2 first. Next up for June will be another Game Dungeon and more Freeman’s Mind.


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