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Well here’s the next Freeman’s Mind episode as promised. This one is a little short, but my original cut was about 12 minutes, which makes it a potential problem with Youtube, so I cut it down to the next stopping off point. Half-Life purists will be upset with this episode, as I’m continuing to act under the assumption that Freeman can do a pull-up.

Unfortunately the release was a little wonky for this one, so only the Youtube version is up, the streaming and download copies probably won’t be up until tomorrow. I’ll get the episode page up soon. Again, I plan to pick up the pace on this, so you can expect another one sometime this month too. I plan to make this the priority for now, but my secondary goal is to release the pilot episode I talked about next. I’ll reveal what it is once it gets closer to completion, so it won’t be a total surprise.


Also since I’m having to bunch news together, I’ve been invited to appear on an audio show called Podcast 17. Each week they talk about everything related to Half-Life or the Source engine, focusing on mods in particular. I originally postponed these guys because I was working on the Civil Protection episode and didn’t want fans to think I was just screwing around talking to people. After I released it, they had to postpone me because of scheduling, but now it looks like it’s on again. Anyway, I’ll be appearing on the show live on Sunday, July 19th. It will be broadcasted at 10am (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time. They’ll also release an mp3 of the broadcast the following Monday or Tuesday, I forget. Here are some links:

Live broadcast link (on Sunday)

Podcast 17 homepage

I really don’t know what they’ll be asking me, but it will probably be tamer than something like The Howard Stern Show.

Looks like there was a limit on the live streams that no one knew about. Try this link instead if you still want the live feed:


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